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An ethereal work of art


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An ethereal work of art

It is time to talk about a piece of great value and importance in developing women’s style worldwide.

The miriñaque, an accessory that became indispensable for the ladies of high society between the 18th and 19th centuries, wearing it mainly to stylize their silhouette and help to visually create the ideal for any woman, known as the hourglass figure, characterized by a very small waist and wide hips. A piece that became a must-have for royalty, so that the most influential women would not go unnoticed, showing off their great figures and making their place in society clear.

Miriñaque, Crinolina or Armador, this is how this piece is known, which has evolved over time, and which the major fashion houses have reintroduced in the presentation of their new collections. It is a component of the dress, invisible from the outside, consisting of a structure sheathed in metal hoops or rods, which helps to visually create greater volume to the skirt or dress. Although nowadays there are options with lighter and more comfortable materials, such as tulle or nylon, you can also find them in colors specially designed for guests, such as black, grey, or ivory. Ideal for those daring women who seek a romantic touch to their look, turning a bodyless frock into the dreamy voluminous dress of a princess.

The presentation of the new Dior designs has led us to imagine how we can wear this new trend. Designs with crinoline structures were the main attraction on the catwalk. Subsequently, more fashion houses, such as Loewe, have joined in, completely reinventing their style and leaving aside the characteristic tight-fitting designs and transparencies that we continually saw last season and that even guests dared to adapt in their looks, making it clear that at important events you can also play with styles and trends to create a winning look.

An ethereal work of art
An ethereal work of art

There is a variety of styles to choose from

If you have decided to incorporate a vintage touch to your style, take into account that not all party dresses or skirts can be adapted to this trend. However, we advise you to consult with the designer or fashion firm so that they can advise you on the best options, above all that this does not sacrifice your comfort, since the larger and more voluminous the dress, the more weight you will have to carry around and the more space you will need to move easily. Experts say that the best types of skirts to wear are Victorian and Edwardian styles, but you can also opt for other styles, such as rococo skirts or styles inspired by the 1950s. You’re sure to find a wide variety to choose from to make you sigh.

Especially for those guests who want to include volume in their look, but don’t feel comfortable with a large structure with several layers, there are options with a single hoop, models shorter in the front and longer in the back, even models with only one layer of tulle…

One option is to wear it during the religious ceremony or banquet, and once the fun begins, you can remove it so you can move around easily and enjoy the event without worries. An excellent opportunity to achieve a double look, although it is important to consider that the miriñaque will reduce the length of your dress and may make it look shorter than it is. Ideally, you should practice putting the miriñaque on beforehand, so you can practice walking or sitting in preparation for the day of the event.

Suffice it to say, miriñaques look great with short, long, or midi dresses. In short dresses, you will show off your legs and you will be a sensation; for midi dresses, it can also be a very original option; finally, for a long dress, this piece will give a fairytale touch.

Don’t be inhibited from complementing your style with other elements such as corsets, petticoats, hats, gloves, voluminous sleeves, halter neck, or lace-up ankle boots that will help you to achieve a complete and authentic look.


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