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The summer season is here to stay


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The summer season is here to stay

Summer weddings are magical, with beautiful weather and stunning locations, right?

Summertime weddings are lovely occasions that combine gorgeous scenery and ideal weather to make lifelong memories. But the ideal dress is one of the most important things for any bride.

Morilee offers a beautiful selection of designer summer wedding dresses that are sure to exude comfort and casual grace. Here are our top picks for summer wedding gowns, with an emphasis on silhouette, fabric, and appropriateness for the setting.

Choosing the perfect summer wedding dress

When shopping for a summer wedding dress, consider the fabric, cut, and overall style to ensure it complements the season and your venue. Morilee’s collection offers a variety of options, from light and breezy fabrics to sophisticated silhouettes.

Indoor summer weddings

Indoor summer weddings provide the perfect blend of seasonal beauty and the comfort of an air-conditioned environment. Popular venues include:

  • Beachside hotels
  • Waterfront restaurants
  • Lighthouses

Outdoor summer weddings

Outdoor weddings embrace the full charm of summer, whether it’s a garden party or a beach ceremony. Here are some tips for choosing a dress for an outdoor summer wedding:

  • Lightweight fabrics: Look for dresses made from chiffon, tulle, or organza.
  • Sleeveless styles: Keep cool and comfortable with sleeveless or strapless designs.
  • Shorter dresses: Consider tea-length or high-low hems for ease and elegance.

Destination weddings

Destination weddings are a fantastic way to combine the excitement of travel with your special day. Locations like Caribbean islands or Lake Como in Italy offer breathtaking backdrops. For destination weddings, your dress should be:

  • Easy to travel with: Choose gowns that pack well and can be easily steamed.
  • Breezy and lightweight: Slimmer silhouettes in light fabrics are ideal.
  • Versatile: Select a dress that fits the vibe of your destination.

Beach weddings

There’s something uniquely romantic about a beach wedding. The natural beauty of the ocean and the serene environment create a perfect setting. For a beach wedding, consider the following:

  • Light and flowing fabrics: Dresses made from chiffon, tulle, or lightweight lace move beautifully in the ocean breeze.
  • Simple and elegant: Opt for minimalistic designs that complement the natural surroundings.
  • Practical accessories: Provide guests with sandals and fans as thoughtful and practical favors.

The summer season is here to stay
The summer season is here to stay

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