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Breaking boundaries with gender-inclusive designs


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Breaking boundaries with gender-inclusive designs

Discover the magic of Milla Nova, a Ukrainian bridal brand that goes beyond bridal fashion to turn your dreams into reality.

Founded by forward-thinking sisters Zoryana and Iryna Senyshyn, this independent brand has been dedicated for two decades to making every special day truly unique.

At Milla Nova, there is a belief in love and happiness as forces that know no boundaries: neither age, gender, nor size can stop the celebration of your love. They pride themselves on being architects of unforgettable moments, guiding you toward the realization of a dream that transcends all barriers.

They recognize your personal style and understand that every bride is unique. Furthermore, they are committed to capturing the essence of who you are, tailoring their designs to reflect your individual needs. At Milla Nova, your wedding dress is an authentic expression of your personality, designed to make you feel uniquely special.

The Atelier Collection

The Atelier Collection represents a bold stride forward in the wedding fashion industry. Gone are the days of restrictive gender roles dictating what one can and cannot wear on their special day.

This collection boldly challenges the status quo by offering statement unisex options, providing individuals with the freedom to express themselves authentically, regardless of gender identity.

Luxurious fabrics, with sumptuous Italian silk taking center stage, envelop the wearer in an aura of opulence and refinement.

What sets The Atelier Collection apart is its fearless departure from convention. In a groundbreaking move, the collection debuts menswear, challenging preconceived notions and paving the way for a new era of inclusive fashion.

But beyond its aesthetic appeal, The Atelier Collection carries a deeper message — one of acceptance, empowerment, and celebration of diversity. By offering gender-inclusive options, it sends a powerful message that love knows no bounds and that every love story is worthy of celebration, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

In a world where conformity often reigns supreme, The Atelier Collection dares to be different. It challenges norms, defies expectations, and champions inclusivity with every stitch and seam.

Breaking boundaries with gender-inclusive designs
Breaking boundaries with gender-inclusive designs

The Atelier is a gender-inclusive collection that offers statement unisex options, marking a stride in the wedding attire industry. The new collection epitomizes timeless sophistication and a sense of regality through painstaking craftsmanship, handcrafted garments, and luxurious fabrics, with a dominance of sumptuous Italian silk. In a daring departure from convention, The Atelier Collection presents its debut in menswear and introduces groundbreaking elements that are inherent in offbeat fashion.

Breaking boundaries with gender-inclusive designs
Breaking boundaries with gender-inclusive designs


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