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Sal Island, the heart of Cape Verde


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Sal Island offers a combination of union and adventure, perfect for the beginning of a new romantic partnership. You will find beautiful places that will give incredible experiences.

A wedding initiates a marriage life, the start of a new family, and there’s no other place that symbolizes family like Sal Island does. The locals think that forming a connection with the guests offers them a sense of solidarity that goes beyond family.

Besides this, can be a very romantic destination. This piece of paradise it’s known for its beaches, with warm water and golden sand, perfect for sun and sea lovers. During your stay, you can also visit these three places if you have an adventurous side.

One of your first stops must be the village of Santa Maria, where people are very welcoming and friendly. On its pier, you can watch youngsters jumping into the water and the fishermen bringing their catch of the day. And, if you want to see marvelous things in the water, you should be there during the midday, when you can watch the bluest sunlight, the reflection of the water.


Buracona has a series of fantastic natural pools carved out of the rock where you can enjoy the waters of the island, with an amazing view. The one experience you cannot miss here it’s the Olho da Buracona. Just like magic, when the water reaches a certain angle, creates an illusion that seems like a blue eye, which is where the name of the place comes from.

If you want to put your courage to the test, you can watch lemon sharks in Sal Island, just a few meters from them. This experience is guided by a professional in the area. You must have in mind, that animals respond instinctively to danger, so you should be very careful and respect its space.

Sal Island provides honeymooners with a romantic backdrop and thrill-seekers with an exhilarating getaway. It is natural charms and friendly atmosphere will leave you with priceless memories — especially if you’re brave at heart.



All news from NP Magazine in your email.



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