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Estée Lauder hand to hand with Messika


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Lauder hand to hand with Messika

The limited edition collaboration, inspired by the Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Skincare Collection, launched this month.

Estée Lauder announces a collaboration with Messika, the Parisian fine jewelry brand known for combining the timelessness of diamonds with a modern twist.

Estée Lauder and Messika, both founded by pioneering women leaders and visionaries, share an unwavering commitment to quality and excellence in their products and services, as well as their dedication to the advancement of women. The extraordinary careers of Mrs. Estée Lauder and Valerie Messika, both pioneering entrepreneurs in their respective industries, serve as an inspiration to women leaders around the world. Both brands, driven by a determination to serve and uplift women, lay the foundation for a formidable partnership.

“Reveal your inner diamond”

The Estée Lauder x Messika collaboration is a modern expression of the elevated glamour for which Estée Lauder’s Re-Nutriv is world-renowned. The collaboration is based on a shared passion for diamonds, a key symbol in both the Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Collection and the unique craftsmanship of Messika Paris. Diamonds symbolize great strength, power and longevity, a flawless radiance epitomized by both brands, invoking a sense of unprecedented luxury. Just as diamonds hold their value forever, Re-Nutriv’s patented technology makes skin look and act younger for longer, visibly reversing cellular aging and providing a radical recovery plan over time.

The Messika X Estée Lauder collaboration is a celebration of the synergy that exists between the two brands: visionary founders who embody fearless determination with a disruptive spirit. This partnership will captivate a new generation of young and upcoming luxury connoisseurs, energizing the luxurious perception of our Re-Nutriv collection while embracing its timeless beauty.

Anne Toussicot, Managing Director for EMEA
Lauder hand to hand with Messika

A jewelry box just as precious

Limited edition packaging with an exclusive Messika X Estée Lauder design will be available in two iconic Re-Nutriv skincare products: Ultimate Diamond Sculpted Transformation Crème and Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Crème Rich. A special edition gift box doubles as a jewelry box with a selection of products from the Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond collection.

I am very proud to collaborate with Estée Lauder, an iconic luxury beauty brand. Like Messika, Estée Lauder is a leading global innovator founded by a visionary woman. Whether we are talking about the sparkle of diamond or the radiance of skin, there is a common desire to celebrate women. Therefore, this collaboration seemed obvious to me as the Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond collection is a unique diamond in the world of skincare.

Valérie Messika, Founder and Artistic Director of Messika
Lauder hand to hand with Messika


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