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SKKN BY KIM’s debut makeup collection


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SKKN BY KIM's debut makeup collection

Brace yourself for an exploration of 10 soft matte lipsticks, 15 long-wear lip liners, and 12 nude eyeshadows, curated to perfection by the one and only Kim Kardashian.

It’s more than just makeup or skincare

“When I launched with the name SKKN BY KIM, I think people thought like, oh, it’s just skincare. But I always knew we were working on all of the products so that it could be everything, just all the essentials you need to enhance your best skin, your best self.” Kardashian’s words resonate, revealing a comprehensive approach to beauty that goes beyond the surface, reaching into the core of self-expression.

In a strategic move, this collection marks Kardashian’s return to the traditional cosmetics business after the closure of KKW Beauty in 2021. Reflecting on her previous ventures, she shares, “We had KKW Beauty, KKW Fragrance, and then would have done KKW Skin. The customer would have to go to three different sites in order to purchase products with different shipping costs, different manufacturers, and we’d have three different social media accounts. I wanted all of my brands to live under one brand so that it was easier for the consumer.”

Essence of neutrals

“I think you always have to also be super true to who you are, and I always, always just wanted neutrals,” Kardashian declares. It’s a philosophy that underlines both the brand and her personal style. The SKKN customer and Kim herself share a preference for timeless, understated beauty. The collection mirrors this, avoiding the extravagant and embracing the essence of neutrals that effortlessly enhance one’s natural allure.

Bold choices are the cornerstone of SKKN BY KIM, and the debut makeup line reflects this sentiment. Kardashian reflects on her journey, stating, “The SKKN customer and me as a person, we’re never going to be that person that has red lips and all of this bright stuff, like purple eyeshadow. All the stuff that I used to do for people because everyone thought, oh, let’s try this, it’s fun. It was so fun for the photoshoot, but I realistically might not have worn that.”

Going beyond trends

In a beauty landscape often dominated by trends, Kardashian takes a refreshingly different stance.

In a world where the beauty industry constantly churns out new trends, SKKN BY KIM stands as a beacon of authenticity. The collection is not about conforming to fleeting fads but rather about celebrating individuality and the joyous journey of self-discovery through makeup.

"I try not to feel pressure to follow or create certain trends — I try to just enjoy the process! My style changes depending on the day or the occasion — you never know what’ll happen."

SKKN BY KIM's debut makeup collection

The products

  • Let’s dive into the heart of the collection – the soft matte lipsticks. With a range of 10 shades, each carefully curated to complement various skin tones, SKKN BY KIM offers a spectrum of options. From subtle nudes to deeper hues, these lipsticks embody the perfect blend of elegance and versatility. “I always gravitate towards soft matte textures. They provide a sophisticated finish without compromising on comfort. It’s about feeling beautiful without feeling weighed down.”

  • The unsung heroes of any impeccable lip look – the lipliners. SKKN BY KIM introduces 15 long-wear lipliners designed to accentuate the natural shape of your lips. The shades seamlessly complement the soft matte lipsticks, creating a harmonious symphony of colors that allows for creativity without the fear of feathering or fading. “Lipliners are a game-changer. They define your lips and prevent the lipstick from straying. It’s the secret to a polished, enduring lip look.”

  • Completing the trio are the 12 nude eyeshadows, curated to enhance the eyes with a touch of understated glamour. From everyday neutrals to deeper tones for a sultrier look, this eyeshadow palette embodies the versatility that has become synonymous with SKKN BY KIM. “Nude eyeshadows are timeless. They effortlessly transition from day to night, allowing you to express your style without boundaries.”

"The SKKN customer and me as a person, we're never going to be that person that has red lips and all of this bright stuff, like purple eyeshadow."

SKKN BY KIM’s timeless allure, definetly!

In a world that often chases the next big thing, SKKN BY KIM stands as timeless allure. This debut makeup collection encapsulates Kim Kardashian’s vision of beauty – a celebration of individuality, an ode to neutrals, and a departure from the pressure of fleeting trends.

Embrace your style, stay true to yourself, and revel in the joyous journey of self-discovery through makeup. After all, beauty is not just about the products we use but the confidence and authenticity we exude.


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