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Jean-Paul Gaultier and Simone Rocha’s collaboration


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Jean-Paul Gaultier and Simone Rocha's collaboration

A visionary convergence emerges as Jean-Paul Gaultier and Simone Rocha collaborate in a couture collection that transcends the boundaries of exceptional quality.

Simone Rocha, with her Irish roots and an ageless 37, finds herself seamlessly harmonizing with Gaultier’s iconic design codes, infusing them with her own cool sense of sensual nostalgia.

Jean Paul Gaultier, synonymous with audacity and innovation, extends an emphatic “yes” to Simone Rocha, as she becomes his latest collaborator. Rocha embarks on her maiden voyage into Parisian haute couture, ambitiously weaving together the timeless elements of Gaultier’s DNA with her distinctive flair. As Rocha articulates her intentions, a collection unfolds that is simultaneously feminine, provocative, playful, and sensual. It is a journey through the historical tapestry of Gaultier’s last two decades, exploring how those elements resonate in the present.

This collaboration marks the sixth installment of Gaultier’s couture rendezvous with guest designers. Rocha follows in the footsteps of Chitose Abe, Glenn Martens, Olivier Rousteing, Haider Ackermann, and Julien Dossena.

Yet, unlike her predecessors, Rocha's interpretation of Jean-Paul's essence resonates most profoundly with the maestro's sense of cool, kicky grandeur.

A ballet of textures and motifs

The journey through this couture odyssey commences with an opening look of hallucinatory allure – an ethereal metallic organza crinoline adorned with hand-painted starbursts and serpents. It sets the stage for a symphony of designs, exemplified by a perfect union of Rocha’s sensibilities with Gaultier’s aesthetic. The marriage is vividly embodied in a mega-laced-up corset dress, crafted from silk duchess, featuring trailing suspenders and a cut-out back that erupts in a cascade of tulle. It’s a union, one might say, crafted in the very heavens of fashion.

Rocha’s initial encounter with Jean Paul Gaultier’s world traces back to her adolescence, a pivotal moment marked by the discovery of the iconic Classique fragrance. The powder-pink bottle, corseted in design, left an indelible mark on her. “It impacted me so much,” she reminisces. The fragrance, with its duality of sensuality and the rigid aluminum casing resembling armor, became a defining memory. Rocha, in her own designs, creates a protective shell akin to armor, exemplified by her renowned Micro Pearl Egg Bag. It’s a play on the juxtaposition of hard and soft, resonating with the designer’s teenage recognition of the transformative power of fashion.

Recognizable silhouettes and cultural resonance

Rocha’s silhouettes have become as recognizable as Gaultier’s cone bra, with signature bows and bell skirts. Icons like Chloë Sevigny and Billie Eilish adore her creations while trend-setting retailers like Dover Street Market and Ssense champion her unique aesthetic.

In Rocha’s atelier, a delicate dance of inspiration unfolds, accompanied by the melodies of coquette saints like Lana Del Rey and Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla soundtrack. However, Rocha demystifies the creative process, insisting that it’s more about intention than inspiration. The collection wasn’t birthed from a mood board, but from a deeply emotive feeling, a visceral connection to how each garment interacts with the body. On the runway, each look becomes a character, possessing its own identity and evoking distinct emotions.

Elegance awaits — answer the call!


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