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Cymbeline: Parisian elegance


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Cymbeline Parisian elegance

In the world of bridal fashion, where dreams are stitched into every fabric, one french name rises – Cymbeline. This profound journey into the heart of bridal elegance was made possible through an exclusive interview with the iconic brand.

In our conversation, Cymbeline shared insights into the brand’s deep-rooted connection with Parisian elegance, the meticulous craftsmanship that defines its DNA, and the ever-evolving inspirations shaping its collections.

Parisian elegance as a timeless muse

For five decades, Cymbeline has found inspiration in the romantic streets of Paris, and this essence is at the core of their identity. The brand shared, “For 50 years, Paris has been our muse.” This enduring love affair with the city of lights has not only defined the brand, but has also manifested in collaborations with haute couture houses such as Balenciaga, Louis Feraud, Hanae, and Morie. As Cymbeline looks towards the future, the brand proudly emphasizes its ongoing collaborations with contemporary Parisian designers like Mlle de Guise and Anne de Lafforest.

Crafting a distinctive DNA

Our conversation unveiled the meticulous artistry and the storied history that form the distinctive DNA of Cymbeline. The brand underscored its commitment to craftsmanship through a unique partnership with Calais lace makers, whom they described as “artisans with unique knowledge” This alliance allows Cymbeline to create exclusive and intricate designs, making each gown a testament to 50 years of love and celebration of Parisian craftsmanship.

Cymbeline Parisian elegance
Cymbeline Parisian elegance

Global reach and universal appreciation

Cymbeline’s influence transcends borders, finding a warm reception globally. In our exclusive interview, the brand highlighted its resonance with individuals who discern the soulful distinction between factory-produced garments and those crafted with love. This deep connection with its audience underscores the universal appeal of Cymbeline’s bridal creations.

People who understand the difference between a dress made in a factory with no soul and a dress made in a workshop with love.

The creative alchemy of collections

As the brand shared, “Like fashion houses, each year a theme is given, and then around 3 or 4 main ideas, we start with creating new models.” The 2024 collection, inspired by the Paris Olympic Games, showcased the brand’s ability to weave a narrative, starting from the Olympic flame and culminating in the presentation of the gold medal. This meticulous creative process underscores the brand’s dedication to telling unique and meaningful stories through their designs.

Ever-evolving inspiration

In navigating the ever-connected world for inspiration, Cymbeline acknowledged the challenge of selecting and capturing the essentials. The brand aspired to innovate while adhering to the deep aspirations of new generations, maintaining great femininity. In our interview, Cymbeline encapsulated its philosophy, “Above all, it is a love story, written by women for women’s clothing.” This sentiment serves as the guiding thread in the brand’s ever-evolving creative journey.

Cymbeline Parisian elegance
Cymbeline Parisian elegance

Paris: the crucible of innovation

The privilege of being based in Paris is not lost on Cymbeline. The Parisian backdrop allows them to breathe in the spirit of the times, shake up established norms, and sometimes be misunderstood but always noticed. This unique vantage point has led to groundbreaking designs, from Scottish dresses to yesterday’s one-sleeved smoking, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. “Living in the city of love is still exceptional when you have to create wedding dresses.”

A glimpse into future creations

Reflecting on past innovations, Cymbeline provided insights into the future. “Two years ago, on the theme of water, we woven sea algae for our Haute Couture models,” revealed the brand. The commitment to sustainability is evident in recent collections that featured recycled fabrics, combining tradition and craftsmanship, such as Calais lace, with a forward-looking approach. As Cymbeline looks forward, the brand shared its vision, “Today we work for tomorrow. With dresses that can be transformed into evening dresses that will be re-dyed with vegetable dyes.”

This exclusive interview with Cymbeline unveils the brand as a custodian of elegance, weaving dreams into reality. With Paris as its muse and love as its guiding force, the brand continues to redefine bridal couture, one exquisite creation at a time. As Cymbeline aptly says, “Inspiring future brides but also our competitors, it’s fun.” Cymbeline, a celebration of 50 years of love with Paris, continues to captivate the world with its timeless and elegant designs, forging a path into the future of bridal fashion.

Cymbeline Parisian elegance


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