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Alma Novia’s 2024 Collection


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Alma Novia's 2024 Collection

Alma Novia is a prestigious brand from the Rosa Clará group that stands out for its boho-style wedding dresses and for harmoniously combining traditional cuts with modern, elegant details.

As a bride-to-be, the journey to finding the perfect wedding dress is a momentous occasion filled with dreams of romance and elegance. ALMA Novia, renowned for its dedication to the young and romantic bride, unveils its exquisite 2024 Collection, a testament to the brand’s commitment to simplicity, lightness, and unique details that evoke love at first sight. This collection showcases a harmonious blend of fluid designs, delicate lace accents, and surprising multi-look proposals, setting the stage for a wedding day that is both comfortable and enchanting.

What about jumpsuits?

Alma Novia embraces the current trend of jumpsuits, infusing them with a romantic and youthful flair. The collection features jumpsuits with pure lines, fluid looks, and the incorporation of overskirts for a distinctive silhouette. One standout design is a crepe jumpsuit with a strapless bodice, offering versatility with options such as a tulle skirt, puffed sleeves, or removable lace sleeves for a sensational multi-look ensemble.

Clean elegance with a twist

For brides seeking simplicity without sacrificing trendiness, Alma Novia presents plain dresses adorned with details like knots, slits, biases, or lace applications at the waist. Complementing these dresses are new lace coats, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the multi-look options. An intriguing addition to some of these dresses is the ivy applications, enriching the overall look and providing an alternative to traditional lace for brides seeking a dress that reflects their unique personality.

Alma Novia's 2024 Collection
Alma Novia's 2024 Collection

Romantic Lace Dreams

For the bride with a penchant for lace, Alma Novia offers a range of options. The lace bodices, lighter and more modern, combine floral and geometric motifs, providing an escape from the conventional. Matt guipure bodices, in vogue for their suggestive bikini backs and halter necklines, present another captivating option. The collection also introduces a sensual version with new mermaid dresses featuring lace bodices and crepe skirts adorned with inlays for a touch of romantic allure.

Sensual Sophistication

Alma Novia’s most sensual offerings include mermaid dresses with lace bodices and crepe skirts, featuring captivating inlays at the bottom for an added touch of romance. The collection also embraces the trend of corset bodices with sweetheart necklines, amplifying the sensuality of lace mermaid dresses designed to captivate and enamor.

Alma Novia's 2024 Collection
Alma Novia's 2024 Collection


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