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Atracton, Hazy Rose & Siesta


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Ramon Monegal NP

Ramon Monegal continues to enchant perfume aficionados with the release of three mesmerizing fragrances – Atracton, Hazy Rose, and Siesta.

As the fourth generation of the Monegal family, with a legacy spanning over a century, Ramon Monegal stands as a paragon in the world of perfumery. This latest triumvirate of scents is a testament to the family’s unwavering commitment to crafting olfactory masterpieces that transcend time and captivate the senses.

The Monegal family, founders of Myrurgia, have been instrumental in shaping the fragrance industry for more than a century. The family’s dedication to the art of perfumery has made Myrurgia an iconic name, celebrated for its commitment to quality and innovation. Ramon Monegal continues to uphold the legacy with its distinctive creations, blending tradition with modernity to create olfactory experiences that are both timeless and contemporary.


“It is pure obsession that draws you to me”

There is no raw material that can take away musk’s status as the symbol of attraction. Therefore, elevating it to the highest expression has been a challenge and a duty for a perfumer by trade. Atractone musk opens this ascending path with a declaration of seduction, the prelude to attraction. A floral accord with neroli, lilac, carnation and cyclamen that keeps a dose of romanticism latent. Through pheromonal musky notes, the level of attraction rises, pushing us to follow our animal instinct. A crescendo of molecular notes that explain, with current words, ancestral emotions. The climax of this ascension comes with a unique calone chord that excites the blood pulse and acts literally like an aphrodisiac potion.

Ramon Monegal NP
Ramon Monegal NP

Hazy Rose

“The primary instinct of the wild roses is to release fragrant vapours that envelop it in a subtle haze. The instinct of the master is to pierce the auraof the rose to capture, in a chord, that instinct”

At dawn, when the darkness begins to fade with the incipient light and the warmth of the sun gains intensity, the silhouette of the wild rose is blurred against the light. The dew that wets its petals evaporates in the heat of the sun’s rays and creates an aura around it that moves capriciously in the morning breeze. The curiosity inherent in my profession pushes me to approach and savor this queen just when she wakes up and her scent is unique. My instinct guides me to the moment when the queen’s heart is uncovered to enter, between dew and gloom, to steal her reason for being.

Ramon Monegal NP
Ramon Monegal NP


“Please, don’t disturb”

Dolce far niente reaches its highest expression with this icon we call Siesta. A Mediterranean luxury synonymous of freedom. We dream, we think, we rest, or we seek pleasure. There is no schedule, nor is there a protocol, the only norm that should never be broken is: do not disturb.

The dream with lemon and honey ensues in a cedar wood bed. Jasmine and vetiver lull us to sleep with the lullaby that the iris sings to us. We wake up revitalized by the vigor of leather and the energy of spices.

Ramon Monegal NP
Ramon Monegal NP


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