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Protocolo dresses the best moments of its clients


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Protocolo dresses the best moments of its clients

Protocolo is a Spanish fashion brand specializing in high-quality suits and clothing for grooms, groomsmen, and guests at special events.

They have a wide range of unique models and offer made-to-measure services, beneficial for people looking for specific outfits for different occasions. In addition, the fact that they manufacture in Spain can be a plus for those who value local production and quality craftsmanship.

If you are looking for a special suit for an important occasion, it may be a good option to consider that Protocolo has a lot to offer, especially if you value elegance and quality dress.

Suit Zaila

An elegant and very coordinated blue suit jacket. The fact that it is made of a premium blue wool fabric with a wide line pattern gives it a classic and sophisticated touch. The choice of a narrow raw tie and an Italian collared shirt is a wise one, as these elements complement the morning suit well and add a touch of style.

The Heres model shoe in burgundy seems to be an appropriate choice for this ensemble, as burgundy is a color that often pairs well with bruise and provides an elegant contrast. Overall, it seems that this Protocolo attire is an excellent choice for a formal or special occasion where elegant and highly coordinated attire is required.

Protocolo dresses the best moments of its clients

Suit Tango

The black morning coat is a classic and timeless choice for ceremonies and special events. The combination of an off-white vest and an orange Mirage tie adds a touch of color and contrast to the ensemble. This can give an elegant and sophisticated look, while maintaining the formality of the attire.

The black Guadalquivir shoes are an appropriate choice for a black morning coat, as black shoes are usually the standard footwear for black suits. Overall, this outfit seems to be a classic and elegant choice for ceremonies and special occasions, showing a balance between formality and style.

Protocolo dresses the best moments of its clients

Blue Smoking Sojuela Yuca

The velvet blue tuxedo sounds truly elegant and sophisticated. Velvet is a luxurious material that adds a touch of opulence to the ensemble. The satin lapels and slim blue pants with black side chevron are details that enhance the look of the tuxedo, giving it a modern yet classic look.

The choice of a blue satin bow tie and cummerbund, model Piña from Protocolo’s exclusive collection, is an elegant way to coordinate the accessories with the tuxedo and adds a touch of personal style to the outfit. The blue leather lace-up shoes, model Jade, complement the look coherently and provide a chromatic balance.

Overall, this velvety blue tuxedo seems to be a sophisticated and appropriate choice for formal events or galas, where a high level of elegance and style is required. It is important to make sure that the tuxedo is very fitted to obtain a flawless look.

Protocolo dresses the best moments of its clients

Grey Suit Calardos Hércules

A gray groom’s suit is a classic and versatile choice that can be very elegant. The cashmere print vest in shades of gray, Voile, adds a touch of sophistication to the ensemble and adds visual interest to the suit. Wearing a patterned vest is a great way to personalize the outfit and give it a stylish touch.

The blue-gray Jal necktie can be a complementary choice that adds a pop of color to the ensemble and creates a balance with the gray of the suit. The metallic detailing on the tie can add a touch of shine and elegance.

Overall, this outfit sounds elegant and appropriate for a groom. The gray suit is a classic choice that lends itself to various color combinations and styles, and the addition of a patterned vest and blue-gray tie can add a touch of personality to the outfit. Making sure the suit is well-fitted is essential to achieve an impeccable look on the wedding day.

These are some of the models that we liked the most. You can visit your nearest store and one of their specialists will assist and advise you personally.

Protocolo dresses the best moments of its clients


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