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Extravagant grooms and how to be one


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Extravagant grooms and how to be one

For the most discerning gentlemen, the matrimonial ceremony is not merely a union of souls; it unfolds as a cherished opportunity to unveil their penchant for opulence and fashion a grand statement that echoes alongside the sincere vows exchanged.

In weddings, where the radiance of love takes center stage, the spotlight gracefully dances between the bride, adorned in her ethereal gown, and the intricate details that transform her day into a symphony of extraordinary moments. Yet, amid this magical celebration, let us tenderly remember that a wedding is an extraordinary milestone for the groom as well — a heartfelt commencement of a lifelong journey with his beloved.

How to make a groom feel extravagant?

For grooms, the attire becomes a canvas for self-expression, a sartorial symphony that mirrors their unique personality. While traditional black and white tuxedos have their timeless charm, the avant-garde groom chooses to explore the spectrum of colors. Picture a groom confidently striding down the aisle in a suit of regal purple, an azure blue ensemble, or even a daring emerald green jacket. These bold choices not only redefine conventional norms but also cast the groom as a leading character in this romantic narrative.

Beyond the color palette, the extravagant groom seeks to adorn himself with exquisite gemstone accessories. A sleek diamond tie clip, a pair of sapphire cufflinks catching the light with every movement, or a tasteful diamond-studded watch, all become indispensable elements of his resplendent ensemble. These meticulously chosen accessories are not merely embellishments but rather reflections of the groom’s refined taste and commitment to making a lasting impression!

Extravagance is not just about the visual spectacle; it’s also embedded in the details. A bespoke suit tailored to perfection, with intricate monograms or embroidered messages hidden within the lining, becomes a secret homage to the love story being celebrated. The choice of luxurious fabrics, the cut of the lapels, and the subtleties of stitching—all come together to craft an ensemble that transcends fashion, becoming a work of art in its own right.

Extravagant grooms and how to be one
Extravagant grooms and how to be one

Photos and suits by: Carlo Pignatelli

The extravagant groom emerges not merely as a supporting character but as a co-protagonist, his style and choices weaving seamlessly into the narrative of love and commitment. By embracing extravagance, he not only celebrates the union but also adds a touch of splendor that will be etched in the memories of all who witness the union.

In the end, this style embodies the spirit of celebration, turning the wedding into an opulent affair that mirrors the richness of the love he shares with his partner. As the curtains draw on this extravagant spectacle, it leaves an indelible mark on the canvas of matrimony—a testament that love, like style, is best when expressed extravagantly.


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