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10 reasons to honeymoon in Zanzibar


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10 reasons to honeymoon in Zanzibar

Offering a little slice of paradise for all types of travelers, the island is the ideal honeymoon destination and the perfect place to relax after a safari in Kenya or Tanzania.

With its exotic flavors, Zanzibar, a hidden jewel in the Indian Ocean, is well-known for its white sand beaches fringed with palm trees, its rich history and splendid boutique hotels.

Brimming with natural beauty waiting to be explored, we’ve made a list of 10 reasons to visit the idyllic ‘Spice Island’ on your honeymoon:

10 reasons to choose Zanzibar

  1. Stone Town, the oldest part of Zanzibar’s capital city, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was also home to the legendary Freddie Mercury, which is one of many reasons why this little island was included on the tourist map. Zanzibar was the epicenter of old trade routes, creating a mix of Middle Eastern, African, Indian, Persian, and European cultures. These influences can be seen in the island’s gastronomy, architecture, religion, and local customs. Some buildings in Stone Town date back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, which can be seen when wandering around its narrow alleyways.

  2. A visit to Changuu Island, also known as Prison Island, is highly recommended and is only a 30-minute boat trip from Stone Town. Built in 1893, the island was originally used as a quarantine hospital during yellow fever epidemics. Now, the abandoned island is home to giant turtles who have been living in a sanctuary on the island since the 1990s.

  3. Nature lovers can try to catch a glimpse of the native red colobus monkeys in the Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park, or take a trip on crystal waters with a Safari Blue Tour to discover the area of Fumba and beyond. As this is still a remote part of the island, guests can see dolphins in the shallow waters of Menai Bay or enjoy snorkeling in the reefs of a deserted sandbank, with the option of dining like royalty on freshly-caught seafood.

  4. Zanzibar’s climate is just one of the many reasons that attract visitors to the island year-round. The average summer temperature (from October to May) is 27° C with a water temperature of 24° C. In the cooler months, from June to September, guests can expect weather similar to that of a European summer.

  5. As well as offering stunning nature and exciting activities, Zanzibar is also a fantastic shopping destination. With everything from local markets to high-end boutiques, guests can explore Stone Town’s winding streets and discover its amazing hidden gems.

  6. In Zanzibar, you can experience a wide variety of water sports, such as snorkeling, sailing and deep-sea fishing – why not try them all?

  7. The island boasts spectacular romantic sunsets, making it a truly unforgettable honeymoon destination.

  8. Zanzibar has a wide range of luxury resorts for a unique and relaxing experience – perfect for recovering from wedding planning stress!

  9. Zanzibar is renowned for its aromatic and delicious cuisine. On the island, you can sample various local dishes, including fresh fish, seafood, and of course, the famed local spices. If you decide to make Zanzibar your honeymoon destination, The Residence Zanzibar is your best choice.

  10. Zanzibar is also known as ‘the Spice Island’ due to the variety of spices grown there, including cardamom, ginger, turmeric, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, saffron, and black pepper. The best way to experience these flavors is with a Swahili cooking class!
10 reasons to honeymoon in Zanzibar

Without a doubt, Zanzibar is one of the best places for making unforgettable honeymoon memories with your partner. The combination of all the experiences that Zanzibar has to offer makes it a dream destination for any couple.


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