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“Divine Allurement”: Yedyna’s Radiant Showcase at White Wedding Platform


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“Divine Allurement” by Yedyna

Yedyna, a Ukrainian wedding dress brand, took center stage in the vibrant heart of Milan at the White Wedding Platform, revealing its groundbreaking “Divine Allurement” collection.

Against the backdrop of the pulsating beat of modernity, the White Wedding Platform unfolded as a spectacular showcase of style and innovation. Among the standout participants was Yedyna Ukrainian wedding dress brand, unveiling its latest collection, “Divine Allurement,” marking a significant chapter in the narrative of bridal fashion.

Alberta, Yedyna
Alberta, Yedyna

The autumn breeze in Milan carried whispers of anticipation as the audience gathered to witness Yedyna’s creations. The new collection, curated by the visionary designer and founder, Maryna Vasylieva, captured the essence of elegance, catering to the desires of the contemporary bride who seeks to radiate divine allure on her special day.

Bianka, Yedyna
Bianka, Yedyna

“Divine Allurement” encompasses the year’s current trends, showcasing a broad selection of over 30 styles ranging from traditional designs to daring short dresses. Each piece in this collection is a work of art, delicately embellished with charming accents and beautiful details. Dynamic necklines, captivating back embellishments, and sensual shapes all work together to guarantee that every bride who wears Yedyna feels nothing less than outstanding on her wedding day.

Clarissa, Yedyna
Clarissa, Yedyna

Founder of Yedyna Maryna Vasylieva is a visionary Ukrainian designer with more than 15 years of experience in developed of wedding dresses. The name of her brand “Yedyna” is a Ukrainian word meaning “She is the only one”.

“In this name, we put the main idea of the brand — to create wedding dresses that emphasize the originality and uniqueness of the bride. For me, a dress is a story that a woman tells about herself. It should reveal the inner world and at the same time emphasize the individuality of a woman.”
– Maryna Vasylieva

Tiziana, Yedyna
Maryna Vasylieva

The brand releases new collections at least twice a year and is represented in prestigious exhibits and fairs all around the world. Maryna Vasylieva captures the essence of modern wedding fashion with her creations, which are a blend of innovation and tradition. Yedyna’s success is a result of both its constant dedication to producing costumes that are genuinely unique and its capacity to adjust to changing fashion trends.

Yedyna has succeeded in crafting a collection that transcends the boundaries of time and trends, ensuring that every bride who adorns these creations feels like the “only one,” embracing the radiant allure that defines her on her wedding day.

Yedyna made a lasting impact as the White Wedding Platform in Milan came to an end, demonstrating its dedication to creating bridal masterpieces that capture the essence of style and uniqueness.

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