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Maggie Sottero’s Third Consecutive Year of Charitable Giving


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Maggie Sottero’s Third Consecutive Year of Charitable Giving

In a poignant display of corporate responsibility, Maggie Sottero, a bridal dresses brand, has announced its commitment to supporting the battle against cancer for the third consecutive year.

Between November 24th and December 31st, a percentage of the total sales generated by the brand will be dedicated to the Huntsman Cancer Institute, an esteemed center for cancer research and treatment located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In addition to the direct contribution to the Huntsman Cancer Institute, Maggie Sottero will extend its philanthropic reach by awarding the five top-selling retailers – three within the United States and two on the international stage – a commendable sum of $5,000 each. These funds are earmarked for donation to a charity of their choosing, fostering a broader spectrum of support for various causes.

‘Tis the season to cheer for charity, as Maggie Sottero invites prospective brides to embark on a journey that transcends the confines of wedding preparations. Those seeking a wedding dress to make a lasting statement are encouraged to book their bridal appointments between Black Friday and December 31, contributing a percentage of their purchase to the laudable cause supported by the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

A Gesture of Grace Amidst the Festivities

The choice of the Huntsman Cancer Institute as the beneficiary of this philanthropic endeavor is not arbitrary. In a world where cancer stands as the leading cause of death, with one in six diagnoses proving terminal, Maggie Sottero underscores the urgency of supporting institutions like Huntsman. The institute, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is globally recognized for its tireless efforts in cancer research and its commitment to providing cutting-edge treatment.

Maggie Sottero’s personal connection to the problem adds to the relevance of this humanitarian activity. Last year, the firm suffered the heartbreaking death of one of its employees to this relentless disease. The decision to direct resources into the battle against cancer is thus both a strategic decision and an emotional homage to those who have been affected by its devastation.

Maggie Sottero hopes to expand its influence beyond direct contributions connected to bridal sales by partnering with One Tree Planted. A tree will be planted for every purchase made during this time period, adding to the brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Maggie Sottero’s Third Consecutive Year of Charitable Giving
Maggie Sottero’s Third Consecutive Year of Charitable Giving

Throughout Maggie Sottero’s campaign, the rallying cry ‘Spread the Love’ resounds, stressing the collective capacity to make a difference. Brides are encouraged to consider the larger implications of their decisions as they begin their journey to select the perfect wedding gown. Customers who participate in the ‘Cheer for Charity’ campaign not only donate to cancer research, but they also help to conserve the environment by planting trees.

Maggie Sottero also offers a different opportunity for involvement to people who have already discovered their dream wedding gown but want to contribute to the cause. Individuals may make direct contributions through an Instagram fundraiser, demonstrating the brand’s dedication to diversity in charity activity.


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