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Morilee’s Milestone Anniversary


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Morilee's Milestone Anniversary

As the brand joyfully commemorates its 70th year anniversary, it reflects on seven decades of weaving dreams into reality, crafting dresses that are one part whimsical, two parts unique, and always magical.

Morilee dresses, like the bustling streets around the company’s office in New York, are a celebration of life’s vivid journey, capturing the spirit of each moment with elegance and flair.

At the heart of Morilee’s success is Madeline Gardner, the principal designer for the past decades. Gardner’s unparalleled talent and creativity have left an indelible mark on the brand, earning recognition for her exquisite designs, impeccable attention to fit, and the care she places in meeting the diverse needs of brides around the world.

To mark this significant milestone, Morilee is launching an exclusive capsule collection inspired by the brand’s most iconic designs over the past seven decades. This collection pays homage to Morilee’s rich heritage while incorporating modern elements that reflect the evolving tastes and preferences of today’s brides.

Empowering Future Designers with the Madeline Gardner Scholarship

In a remarkable commitment to nurturing the future of fashion, Madeline Gardner, the distinguished alumna of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), assumes a pivotal role on the FIT Foundation Board of Directors.

“I’m honored to be joining the FIT Foundation Board of Directors, FIT has always stood as a testament to the power of a strong education that focuses as much on innovation and social awareness as it does on technical skill. This is an incredible opportunity to help guide the next generation FIT students and strengthen a school that has played such a large part in my life and career”. -Madeline Gardner

Alongside her board appointment, the designer established the Madeline Gardner Scholarship, a beacon of support totaling $30,000 over three years, dedicated to empowering a deserving Fashion Design student.

The inaugural recipient of the Madeline Gardner Scholarship, SooYeon Sim, embodies the essence of Gardner’s vision, expressing a profound passion for creating fashion collections that mirror the spirit of our times. SooYeon Sim’s aspirations extend beyond personal interest, seeking to infuse her designs with elements of sustainability, diversity, and inclusivity.

Morilee's Milestone Anniversary

The brand’s 70th anniversary represents a pledge of sustained greatness and innovation in the years ahead, not merely a celebration of the past. Morilee encourages brides to be a part of a heritage that spans decades, a tradition founded on elegance, innovation, and the celebration of love, with Madeline Gardner’s creations leading the way.


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