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Celebrating a Decade of Distinction

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Celebrating a Decade of Distinction

Embracing Diversity, Innovation, and the Evolution of Bridal Elegance, we are celebrating a decade of distinction: It’s European Bridal Week’s 10th anniversary.

European Bridal Week stands as a beacon of distinction, celebrating a remarkable decade of shaping the global bridal industry. Without a doubt, this illustrious event has transformed into the largest international trade show in northern Europe, uniting buyers and exceptional brands from across the globe in the city of Essen, Germany.

The 2024 edition of European Bridal Week, scheduled from April 13 to 15, promises to be a three-day extravaganza across two expansive halls at Messe Essen.

“In times like these, it is essential to open your eyes to different perspectives and to approach new ways of innovation. We are all experiencing change within the market and as the organisers of European Bridal Week, we are keen to embrace those.”

Siegrid Hampsink, Event Director of European Bridal Week

The theme of “Celebrating Difference” echoes throughout, offering an opportunity for industry professionals to explore new perspectives, initiate creative solutions, and build meaningful connections.

On another note, the Event is set to welcome over 500 key brands under one umbrella, creating a stage and a perfect platform for the global industry. Hampsink expresses her excitement about the dynamic energy in the new world of bridal, describing it as a composition of creativity, art, and technology that constantly evolves and holds endless possibilities.

Visitors and exhibitors alike can anticipate witnessing firsthand the dynamic changes in the bridal industry at European Bridal Week. The event will showcase hundreds of collections, introducing a new world of design in bridal fashion. The Designer Area, the Instagram Candy Bar, and the EBW Fashion Shows are poised to be unforgettable highlights, encapsulating the very essence of the differences that define our new world.

The event extends a warm invitation to the industry to become a part of this energetic, vibrant, and dynamic difference. It is not merely a trade show; it is an immersive experience that celebrates the richness of diversity, the power of innovation, and the boundless potential of the bridal and fashion world.

Celebrating a Decade of Distinction
Celebrating a Decade of Distinction


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