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The elegant finishing touch


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The elegant finishing touch

Find out which model of earrings is right for you, according to your style and personality, and also based on what you have envisioned for the big day, taking into account the elegant finishing touch.

Earrings are one of the most essential accessories to complete a bride’s look. However, choosing the ideal earring model to match your style and personality can be difficult. So we’re going to help make the whole process easier.

Small earrings

This small and subtle model is ideal for composing romantic and classic looks, where you can see a balance between all the constituent elements of the look. In this sense, this type of earring can also embellish more discreet and minimalist looks, thus guaranteeing the beauty and sophistication of the whole outfit.

So, if you opt for this style, models with colored stones can bring originality to the outfit, especially if they match the bouquet or the shoes. Otherwise, if you opt for pearl earrings, they’re perfect for a more discreet look.

Large earrings

This type of bolder earring favors details to highlight your own style and personality. Betting on the comfort of simple wedding dresses, thus enhancing the look with eye-catching earrings.

This type of earring can be worn with a ponytail hairstyle. However, there is just one detail you should pay attention to: your make-up. Too strong and heavy colors can create a look that is too heavy.

Sparkly earrings

Whether it’s a longer, flashier model or small pearl rings, the sparkle will give your bridal look a chic touch, which goes perfectly with more elegant and classic themes. However, this is also a good option for evening weddings.

So, if you decide to wear this model, choose a hairstyle that shows off the wonderful earrings.

Original earrings for themed weddings

If you’ve opted for a themed wedding, in addition to personalized invitations and sophisticated decoration, you can also add allusive elements to your looks. From whelks to starfish, if you’ve chosen a beach theme.

Rustic style

These earrings are perfect for weddings celebrated outdoors, even reinforcing the idea of eco-friendly weddings. For those who are fans of this style, opt for recycled or natural materials for the earrings. From cork to dried flowers, these can be an excellent choice for original accessories. You could also combine your earrings with a crown of natural flowers in a loose hairstyle, where your natural beauty will be highlighted.

The elegant finishing touch
The elegant finishing touch

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