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Autumn/winter capes and neutral tones

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Autumn/winter capes and neutral tones

This fall/winter season, fashion lovers are looking for silhouettes that transcend tradition and incorporate elements of contemporary fashion: capes and neutral tones.

You being a bride, a wedding guest, or a fashion lover, you must know the name Elie Saab. Among the most captivating trends are capes, which add a touch of elegance and drama to bridal gowns.

Capes come in various shapes and sizes, adding volume and sophistication to brides’ silhouettes. From flowing capes that glide smoothly to voluminous capes that create a majestic effect, this trend offers a variety of options for modern women outfits. Some choose to wear them over their heads, evoking an air of mystery and romance, while others prefer to attach them to their arms, giving a more contemporary and practical style.

In addition, beige and nude tones are emerging as popular choices for brides looking for neutral, cozy colors. These shades provide a feeling of softness and warmth, making them ideal for autumn and winter. Beige and nude complement a variety of skin types and are a perfect blank canvas for vibrantly colored accessories and bouquets.

Autumn/winter capes and neutral tones

In the mind of Elie Saab

However, the newest seasonal collection in autumn/ winter by famous couturier Elie Saab has proved absolutely innovative for followers of both fashion trends and bridal trends. Models dressed up with sheer outlines worn in pale shades strolled across the catwalk inside a curved hallway of the Museum of Decorative Art. For this, these dresses had detailed sequins on the shoulders and the skirt, which had a slightly shiny look and made it more elegant.

The capes that formed the core of this collection were light and see-through, trailing behind the girls like soft wings. Some of these were placed over the head, adding a hint of mystery to the look, others just hung down on the arms, so it looked both ancient and modern.

In contrast, the collection also featured black dresses adorned with hooded capes that swept the floor, including a stunning specimen covered in bright red roses. These elegant black dresses are a daring alternative for brides who want to break away from tradition, adding a dose of drama and vitality to their journey down the aisle.

Another delightful surprise was the inclusion of male models on the catwalk. Elie Saab, who introduced menswear to his haute couture line a year ago, surprised once again with models wearing black tunic-style capes with elaborate gold embroidery. This fusion of styles demonstrates the constant evolution of bridal fashion, embracing diversity and creativity.

This upcoming summer/fall wedding season portends a fresh and exciting change in the fashion realm. The neutral tone creates warmth while Elie Saab’s vision combines with dramatic capes to create one among many ways of self-expression for the contemporary women.


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