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White Wedding Platform: style and innovation

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White Wedding Platform: style and innovation

In the heart of Milan, the grandeur of the wedding industry came to life in a spectacular showcase of style and innovation at the White Wedding Platform, held this October.

This prestigious event, featuring 24 renowned Ukrainian-based wedding brands with global recognition, marked a significant moment in the world of nuptial fashion. The backdrop of the event was nothing short of enchanting, set against the backdrop of Villa Borromeo D’Adda, an 18th-century villa nestled in a lush garden. From opulent, classic bridal ensembles to cutting-edge lace jumpsuits paired with high boots, the runway was a mesmerizing journey through the diverse spectrum of wedding attire. This inaugural gathering in Milan served as a platform for industry professionals to connect, exchange knowledge, and forge new relationships.

“This is the first time we are organizing such a large event in Milan. Our goal was to create a vibrant community of professionals who will shape the future of the wedding industry, a place for communication, sharing knowledge and creating new contacts. I am very glad that our team succeeded.”

Maryna Vasylieva, one of the founders of the White Wedding Platform and owner of the Yedyna brand.

Distinguished guests from Italy, Ukraine, Canada, the USA, and beyond, including fashion connoisseurs, influencers, renowned publications, stylists, and organizers of prestigious fashion events, converged to partake in this wedding fashion extravaganza. The event was not limited to runway presentations alone; it featured an enlightening educational program. Five eminent speakers, including Giovanni Sparacio, editor of ELLE Spose, Simona Polli, editor-in-chief of White Magazine and The Real Wedding, and Claudia Torres, founder and editor-in-chief of the Canadian edition of Perfect Wedding Magazine, shared their insights and highlighted the wedding trends anticipated in 2024.

White Wedding Platform: style and innovation

Dynamic and beautiful collections

A unique facet of this gathering was the charity workshop led by esteemed wedding photographer Diana Vartanova. The funds generated from this noble initiative will contribute to supporting Ukraine during these challenging times.

Adding a distinct Ukrainian flair to the event, makeup and hairstyles were elegantly crafted by Ukrainian artists, under the direction of Olga Godina. Among the standout collections unveiled was “Divine Allurement” by the “Yedyna” brand. Designed for the elegant, modern bride who cherishes love, life, and positivity, each gown in this collection is a unique embodiment of individuality, adorned with charming accents and exquisite details. With dynamic necklines, alluring back details, and sensuous silhouettes, these dresses ensure that the bride remains the undeniable center of attention on her special day.

The White Wedding Platform in Milan was more than a celebration of bridal fashion; it was a vibrant confluence of cultures, trends, and compassion. As it brought together the global wedding industry’s brightest minds and showcased the innovative designs of Ukrainian brands, this event underscored the enduring magic and creativity that surrounds the world of weddings.


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