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Let’s choose the ideal tie


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Let’s choose the ideal tie

The choice of the tie is one of the most difficult decisions the groom will have to make, as it is the accessory that will make all the difference to his look. Let’s choose the ideal tie.

Nowadays, more and more grooms are concerned about their image, making very thoughtful choices about the suits they will wear. And while women worry about their hairstyle and shoes after buying the dress, for grooms, accessories such as a tie, lapel or cufflinks can make all the difference on the big day. So here’s a short guide to make the process of choosing a tie easier.

Plain ties

If your wedding is in the classic and elegant style, plain ties in neutral or nude tones will be perfect for you.

However, black, blue, gray, pearl, and beige will only add refinement to your look. But if you want to add a touch of color to your look, opt for a tie that matches the color palettes defined for the big day.

Vivid tones such as blue, green, orange, and red will add youthfulness and relaxation to any outfit, perfectly bridging the gap between timeless and sophisticated.

Printed ties

Printed ties are gaining more and more prominence, as they give an air of originality and serenity to the outfit. In this sense, a fun and/or flashy tie goes best with relaxed weddings, which are celebrated in the countryside or on the beach.

If you’re getting married on the beach, a good choice would be blueprints. For country weddings, earthy tones, lavender, and green could be the key to an original look.

Satin ties

Satin ties are one of the big bets for the most daring grooms. Depending on your style, you can opt for one that is more or less shiny, with the certainty that it will make all the difference to your look. Therefore, you can combine this tie with darker fabrics or even choose a suit in the same color as the tie, creating harmony in your look.

On the other hand, this fabric is associated with the classic plastron. So if your wedding is romantic, this tie will go perfectly with both the bride’s lace dress and the rest of the decor.

Let’s choose the ideal tie
Let’s choose the ideal tie


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