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Different styles for different weddings

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Different styles for different weddings

Whether you’re preparing for a formal, extravagant affair, an intimate exchange of vows in an exotic locale, or a rustic celebration in the heart of nature, your choice of suit should harmonize with the ceremony’s distinctive essence.

The wedding day is a unique and special occasion in any man’s life, and choosing the right suit is essential to feel confident and look impeccable in that special moment. Every wedding has its own style and atmosphere, and the groom’s suit should reflect and complement the ceremony’s setting.

Formal weddings

Formal weddings require an elegant and sophisticated approach. Classic suits, such as the tuxedo or morning coat, are ideal for this type of ceremony. Opt for dark colors and clean lines. Pair the suit with a white shirt and tie. Dress shoes and cufflinks add a refined touch.

Weddings in exotic locations

For weddings in exotic or tropical locations, choose light and fresh suits that suit the climate. Linen or cotton suits in bright colors or subtle prints are perfect for this occasion. Accessories, such as wide-brimmed hats and stylish sunglasses, can add a distinctive touch.

Rustic Weddings

Fabrics in a burgundy or red/brown color are recommended, as Protocol offers a variety of these elegant styles with a relaxed touch, perfect for a rustic wedding that seeks an authentic and charming atmosphere. The versatility of colors and styles offered allows the groom’s attire to be personalized and reflect his personal style. In addition, they evoke rustic and natural charm, bringing authenticity to the groom’s attire and creating harmony with the surroundings.


Ultimately, the most important thing is that the groom’s suit is an authentic expression of his personality and that it fits the ambiance and style of the wedding. By finding the balance between elegance and comfort, the groom will be ready to have an unforgettable experience on his special day, looking impeccable and reflecting the love and happiness shared with his partner.

Different styles for different weddings
Different styles for different weddings


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