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White Wedding Platform: Redefining the Future


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White Wedding Platform: Redefining the Future

The wedding industry, a realm of timeless romance and breathtaking aesthetics, is about to experience a revolutionary transformation: check out White Wedding Platform, an event made to redefine the future.

Set against Milan’s stunning Villa Borromeo d’Adda, the white wedding podium reshapes this prized project’s future. Happening on October 4 and 5, 2023, this two-day event offers a diverse platform. It brings together entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and visionaries to forge vibrant communities and shape the wedding industry.

The White Wedding Platform is more than an event; it’s a revolutionary concept. It fosters verbal and know-how exchange among many stakeholders. Boutique owners, consumers, journalists, stylists, producers, designers, influencers, and customers converge. They explore new horizons, showcase creativity, and redefine the wedding sector.

On October 4th, the White Wedding Platform starts with a surprising Fashion Show. Twenty-4 esteemed European bridal and evening wear manufacturers and designers unveil their 2024 collections. Industry experts and fashion enthusiasts witness wedding fashion, makeup, and hair trends. From exquisite gowns to stunning bridal looks, the Fashion Show promises grandeur.

On October 5th, industry insiders and customers engage in the white wedding stage’s showroom. This dynamic platform links boutique owners, designers, and manufacturers. Boutiques explore new wedding trends, and designers form exclusive partnerships and collaborations.

The same day features the Edutainment Program of the White Wedding Platform. It includes lectures and masterclasses offering fresh ideas and creative bridal fashion approaches. Guests acquaint themselves with modern bridal trends.

Where is it and how to attend

The venue for this unique event is Villa Borromeo D’Adda, a neoclassical 18th-century villa known for its beautiful baroque interiors and stunning gardens This beautiful setting complements a white wedding stage exactly the magnitude

The October 4th event is free but by invitation only. Admission is free after pre-registration on their website. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of a landmark event that promises to reshape the future of the wedding industry.

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