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Modern Lace-Infused Look


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Modern Lace-Infused Look

In the world of bridal fashion, there’s a constant quest to redefine tradition and create unique, personalized wedding looks. What about modern lace-infused looks?

Lace takes central place in this Poirier collection, featuring in practically every aspect to create magnificent wedding costumes that redefine modern bridal aesthetics. What is the most notable feature? A departure from traditional wedding gowns in favor of a modern combination of top and pants, providing brides with a new option to show their style on their wedding day.

Poirier’s KAJA brand pioneers a new concept in bridal fashion: the opportunity to design your own one-of-a-kind wedding ensemble. KAJA encourages women to create their own bridal costumes that represent their particular style and preferences in a world where originality and self-expression reign supreme.

Lace, known for its timeless beauty and subtle complexities, lies at the core of the KAJA collection. This collection exhibits lace in all its splendor, from elaborate openwork designs to delicate overlays, allowing brides to wear this gorgeous fabric in whatever way they see fit.

By providing brides the option of a top and pants combo, KAJA deviates from the usual of wedding gowns. This contemporary take on bridal apparel provides comfort, flexibility of mobility, and a feeling of individuality that exceeds the classic gown.

Poirier’s KAJA collection is all about variety and customisation. “KAJA for a one-of-a-kind wedding look,” says Poirier. Brides are invited to investigate the numerous options available in this collection. They may choose from a wide choice of bridal apparel, such as wedding suits, skirts matched with shirts, blousons, jackets, and even veils, all from the KAJA collection.

Why Choose KAJA?

Modern Design: With its contemporary lace designs and top-and-pants combo, the KAJA collection embraces current style, making it ideal for brides wishing to make a statement.

Versatility: Brides may build a bridal outfit that precisely matches their particular taste by mixing and matching various parts from the collection.

Comfort: The top and pants combo promotes comfort and flexibility of movement, allowing brides to dance and rejoice freely.

Openwork Lace: Lace lovers will be charmed by the gorgeous openwork lace designs that serve as the cornerstone of the KAJA range.



The KAJA collection is an invitation to embrace their personal style and create lasting memories on their big day for brides looking for a bridal look that defies convention while appreciating the essence of lace. This collection reminds us that bridal dress is a canvas for self-expression and creativity, and KAJA is the perfect modern elegant brushstroke.

Modern Lace-Infused Look
Modern Lace-Infused Look

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