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The Legacy of Lady Di


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The Legacy of Lady Di

Lady Di’s – Princess Diana’s – impeccable looks have truly become an inspiration to be the perfect guest.

Praised by all, Diana Princess of Wales became the guest of honor, the star of every wedding she attended. Elegant dresses, two-piece suits and colorful hats were always part of her outfit. There have been so many occasions in which current brands have wanted to bring back the “Lady Di” style formula and garments that we could discuss for hours the influence of the princess on fashion.

Princess Diana’s art of expressing herself through her clothes, combining garments of opposing styles, led her to become an acclaimed fashion icon. A passion that, despite not arousing great interest in her at the beginning, ended up creating a great idyll in which the best brands and the best-known patterns and designs of designers began to be recurrent in each of her appearances. Throughout her life, she managed to wear unique styles. Some have been recreated on countless occasions, while others are simply unique. Conceived and worn only by her with such class. Today, we are compiling some of these outfits that only she could wear in such an outstanding way.

Red quickly became one of the princess’s favorite shades, especially at her first events with Prince Charles. The fashion of the 1980s set the trend for silhouettes, looser than today’s, and detailed with ruffles and sequins. Black became another of the cornerstones of her party wardrobe, and she usually wore one color, combining most of the accessories with the color of the dress. The princess was also a big fan of Chanel, often wearing her elegant tweed suits, especially in light blue, which she often paired with beige heels and a beige purse.

Diana’s outfits, almost 40 years later, continue to set trends.

Of all the shades available, Klein blue was undoubtedly one of Lady Di’s favorites. Proof of this were the many dresses she wore. The princess wore them as lingerie dresses, with asymmetrical necklines and even with sparkles and openings, with ruffles crossing the neckline of a single sleeve and with asymmetrical skirt hems.

The Met Gala lingerie dress was one of her top looks. In 1996, just weeks before announcing her divorce from Prince Charles, Princess Diana made her first and only appearance at the Met Gala. For the fashion world’s annual charity ball, Lady Di chose a dark blue slip dress with black lace detailing, from John Galliano’s first collection at Dior. She accessorized it with a pearl choker.

Her separation marked a before and after for her as a persona and also in terms of dress. Afterward, she began to wear much more daring outfits, blue cocktail dresses with halter necks and a plunging V-neckline. She was also a pioneer in color blocking, as she was often seen posing in fuchsia pink and red outfits, with gold buttons and matching headdresses.

Today, there are many different versions of draped and ruffled dresses. The most flattering options have gathers around the abdomen or hips. Also, among the options to consider are dresses that combine draping with a belt or a crisscross silhouette.

Impossible to forget each and every one of the polka-dot dresses that Lady Di wore during her period as Princess of Wales. From Carolina Herrera to Hugo Boss, if you like polka dots you are in luck because it is one of the trends of the moment.

At first glance, a suit jacket may be the most comfortable and elegant option for a formal event such as a wedding or a reception, but the Princess of Wales knew how to give it something extra with a maxi belt and her unmistakable smile.

Every royal wardrobe is always characterized by one piece, but Diana’s always stood out for all of them. If in addition to jewelry – which always hid a unique anecdote behind it – other complements or accessories stand out, particularly the bags. Diana had a very extensive collection of handbags among which she positioned some brands as her favorites, wearing them on several occasions and even inspiring the future collections. From handbags to shoulder bags and messenger bags.

Lady Di’s most iconic black bag is the one that bears her name: Lady Dior. Countless times, she wore this short-handled design that was originally called Chouchou and was rechristened with her name in 1996, after it became one of her favorites.

Article from issue 40 of NP Magazine

The Legacy of Lady Di
The Legacy of Lady Di

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