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Bridal Sustainability Efforts


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Bridal Sustainability Efforts

As of August 1, 2023, Maggie Sottero Designs launched a series of international sustainability efforts across the company. Let’s talk about bridal sustainability efforts.

As a third-generation family-owned business, Maggie Sottero prides itself on its commitment to creating a more sustainable future for generations to come and beyond. These efforts are aimed at addressing environmental challenges and promoting regenerative practices in all aspects of its operation.

Maggie Sottero represents not only love in the context of human relationships, but also love for Mother Earth. The company is on a mission to learn and apply sustainable best practices in its operation, reduce its environmental impact and contribute to the restoration of vital ecosystems in places like Australia, where Maggie Sottero was born, and the Great Salt Lake region.

"The viability of our future is predicated on us re-imagining all that we do. As a leader in bridal fashion, we have a responsibility to be the change agent for you, our brides, our family and community, and our planet. Systemic changes have and will continue to be made within Maggie, but we all must work together"

CEO and Creative Director Kelly Midgley

Maggie Sottero is more sustainable than ever

Maggie Sottero Designs is launching international sustainability efforts to create a more sustainable and regenerative future. Her commitment to reducing environmental impact and protecting the planet reflects her mission to care for both the love stories of her brides and the well-being of Mother Earth.

Maggie Sottero is committed to being an agent of change in the bridal fashion industry and the wider community. The company is implementing systemic changes and taking ambitious steps in three key areas: waste reduction, resource consumption and biodiversity protection. With a sense of urgency, the company is working quickly to reduce its environmental impact and promote more sustainable practices.

We are rising to meet this critical moment for people and the planet. We’re implementing systems change throughout our organization, embedding sustainability as a core directive for every team. We are working as quickly as possible to reduce our environmental impact

Global Sustainability Director and Designer Patricia DeLaunay
Bridal Sustainability Efforts
Bridal Sustainability Efforts

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