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The Majestic Corset


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The Majestic Corset

The majestic corset is in fashion and has become one of the most magnificent pieces chosen by many brides to complete their wedding day look.

Whether worn as lingerie under a wedding dress to ensure the perfect fit, or as outerwear – forming part of the dress itself – or paired with a full tulle skirt. Today we’ll let you in on everything you need to know about the corset.

Choosing a wedding dress is without a doubt one of the biggest tasks a bride takes on when getting ready for her big day. With an infinite number of options and endless possibilities at our fingertips, choosing the perfect wedding dress can be quite the challenge.

So if you’re considering a wedding dress with a corset, here’s some things you should keep in mind when making your decision. The corset was first conceived as a garment worn by women to accentuate their figure, cinching in their waists to unimaginable sizes and lifting the bust. However over the years, the corset has evolved to become a symbol of luxury and seduction, and is now regarded as a great ally of the female body.

If your heart is set on a custom wedding dress, the entire “production” process is handcrafted, however the corset is a truly unique piece. This is a garment that completely adapts to your body. Ribbons are used to lace up the corset, which give form to your figure and sculpt your body to the desired shape. 

Garments inherently used to enhance the figure

As comfortable and flexible as corsets are nowadays, they are garments inherently used to enhance the figure, for example, to straighten posture, lift the bust and flatten the abdomen. For this reason, and because each of our bodies is truly unique and one-of-a-kind, corsets are made to measure. True fans that wish to wear this garment on their wedding day are in luck. Many bridal fashion brands such as Jesus Peiro, Demetrios, Eglantine, Justin Alexander, Manila, Pronovias, Yolancris, and many more, now feature dresses with corset bodices in their collections.

The corset is truly a timeless piece and, what’s more, you’ll find it in many models, classified by size and the coverage they offer. There are full-body corsets that stretch from the bust to the hips, underbust corsets and corset belts that cinch in the waist. Corsets are also classified according to the type of boning used. 

The garment traditionally had metal boning to ensure they maintained their shape around the abdomen and waist. Nowadays, it’s more common to find corsets with plastic boning, which provides flexibility and shapes the figure without putting too much pressure or strain on the body. There are also corsets, bustiers and tops that appear to have boning but actually don’t. These garments naturally highlight the bust and waist, without constricting the figure.

Dress by Morilee
Dress by Morilee


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