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The New Bridal Voice | EP.5 – Claudia Llagostera

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the new bridal voice

In this episode of The New Bridal Voice, Cristina Escudero interviews Claudia Llagostera, a designer with a sustainable vision and a passion for bridal couture.

In the bustling world of fashion, there are designers who stand out not only for their exceptional talent but also for their unwavering commitment to sustainability and excellence. Claudia Llagostera is one such visionary, known for her own eponymous brand as well as her contributions to the esteemed Carta Branca label.

Claudia’s journey in the world of design took a serendipitous turn when she was presented with the opportunity to create a wedding dress. It was during this moment that she realized she had found her true calling. The joy of meticulously crafting a bride’s perfect dress resonated with her on a profound level. From that point on, she dedicated herself to the art of bridal couture with unyielding passion.


Sparked your interest? Listen to the episode in its entirety on The New Bridal Voice’s Spotify or on Wedding Media International’s YouTube. For more information, click here.

Video credits to Hector Bueno


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