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Heels, yes or no?


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Heels, yes or no?

Choose the perfect heel depending on the event you are attending!

Imagine that you have an outfit and shoes that look splendid on their own, but when it comes to combining them, the result is not what you expected. Therefore, it is important to learn how to choose the best shoes for each dress. Although the occasion is what should mark the choice of attire and shoes that will accompany it, we give you some tips that will help you make the best decision.

Heels can make an outfit more eye-catching and elegant. They also help to stylize the figure and even make you look taller. With all this, it can sometimes be quite a dilemma to choose the best heels or platforms when you want to wear a dress. The key is to opt for the heels that make you feel more comfortable and stand out.

If you are not a heel person, you can opt for open sandals that have a certain height. This way, you will avoid stepping on your dress.

Is the dress printed or plain?

If the dress is printed, the shoes should be of a single color and plain. The most suitable colors are: gold, silver, nude or beige.

If, on the other hand, the dress is plain, you should opt for a pair of heels, sandals or platforms that have a shiny detail or some kind of ornament. If your dress has an elegant cut, the heel is almost essential, and if it is thin, even better. In this case, choose simple shoes but in a different color from the dress to give it a touch of freshness. Remember that they can be closed or open shoes.

Elegance usually stands out for the simplicity of shapes and harmony. Therefore, the important thing when you wear a long monochromatic dress, is that your shoes enhance your figure while maintaining the balance between the rest of the accessories, shoes and dress.

The more elegant the dress, the thinner the heel you choose. This choice will enhance the elegance of the dress.

Depending on the size of the dress…

If you choose a short dress, the range of possibilities from which to choose the right shoes is much wider. In fact, there are many designs of heels to combine with short dresses. However, the ones that look best are those with thin heels, as they elongate the figure and stylize the legs.

The ideal heels for mid-calf dresses are stilettos, that is, shoes with a fine point and a high and thin heel. Platforms are, without a doubt, an option that will make you look and feel comfortable. If it is an informal event, you can choose a low-heeled shoe. In fact, wearing low heels will set you apart from the rest. Likewise, high boots with thin heels will make you look sexy and comfortable at the same time. Therefore, this option is ideal if you are going to have, for example, a romantic date.

For long dresses look better with a high heel, especially to go to a wedding. However, a low shoe can go very well with a more casual dress. And, of course, we must not forget that ballerinas should always be worn as an alternative for long hours of standing, dancing or waiting that end up causing pain in our feet. Keep in mind that with long dresses if the feet are seen a little better: so we break the uniformity of the dress and you should always use heels or platforms that allow you to walk naturally.

Other things to bear in mind:

Finally, the final decision of whether or not to opt for high heels will be yours alone, as you must assess whether it is a good choice. In addition to the type of occasion – since the most formal ones will almost always require the use of heels – you should also take into account factors such as the place where you are going to go, the hours you will have to spend standing, the endurance capacity you have when wearing heels… If you are not going to feel comfortable with high heels, look for a flat shoe that matches your dress. You always have the option of combining both and, once you get tired of heels, change them for flats.

In order to correctly match the shoes with the dress, we cannot forget the rest of the accessories. It will not be necessary that, for example, the shoes and the bag are the same color, but we will have to ensure that some accessories do not clash with the rest, and that there is a certain harmony.


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