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Messika’s New Collection: Midnight Sun


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The 70s were an era of unparalleled freedom, and their influence continues to captivate us today. Check out Messika’s New Collection: Midnight Sun.


The dance floors were ablaze, and eclectic styles blossomed, giving rise to multiple fashion icons in singing, stage performances, and fashion. Among these luminaries were Liza Minnelli and Diana Ross, two women with contrasting styles but equal impact. Liza Minnelli was a warm and glamorous soul star, while Diana Ross was a renowned eclectic and theatrical performer.

Inspired by these two iconic figures of the seventies, Valérie Messika has created the Ultimate Party set for her latest collection, Midnight Sun. This exquisite collection showcases exceptional colored diamonds in contrasting duos, reminiscent of the crystalline and masterful voices of Minnelli and Ross. The centerpiece of the collection is a masterpiece necklace featuring a 20.04-carat pear-cut yellow diamond and a 9.07-carat cushion-cut diamond. These stunning gems symbolize the brilliance and vitality of the seventies’ musical icons.

The perfectly curved gold plastron has a mirror effect that enhances the refraction of light from the diamonds. The cut sides of the jewel’s ends are adorned with delicately set diamonds, accentuating the spectacular brilliance of the central stones. The matching bracelet and ring complete the set, embodying the vivacity and energy of this collection. As a finishing touch, a second choker featuring a spectacular 18.05-carat yellow solitaire adds an extra layer of glamour.


Another dazzling set in the Midnight Sun collection is Glitter Fever, where Messika celebrates the brilliance of diamonds. For the first time, the Maison utilizes the traditional snow setting to illuminate 15 cushion-cut yellow diamonds ranging from 2 to 15 carats. The yellow diamond takes center stage in this dance floor-like overlay of precious diamonds. Glitter Fever exemplifies Messika’s signature play of brilliant contrasts, combining geometric contours with less structured diamonds and cushion cuts. The harmonious blend of shapes and light showcases the Maison’s exceptional technicality.

Craftsmanship plays a crucial role in the Glitter Fever jewelry. Each square of the necklace, earrings, ring, and lip jewelry has been proportioned precisely to fit the size of each yellow diamond. The Maison’s meticulous work ensures that the jewelry is worn as close to the skin as possible. The yellow diamond becomes an invitation to the party, evoking the glamour and extravagance of the legendary seventies’ nights. Glitter Fever captures the wild atmosphere of the era’s clubs and reinterprets it with the Maison’s savoir-faire and creativity, resulting in a dazzling collection.


In the Fiery ensemble, Valérie Messika pays homage to the bold personalities of 1970s New York. The pointed contours of the jewelry exude confidence, while pear-cut diamonds playfully mimic flames of gold and diamonds. This collection showcases the Maison’s ability to create jewelry that stands out and allows individuals to assert their unique identities.


Messika Dancing Moon celebrates one of Valérie Messika’s signature designs, the halo. Majestic diamond settings encircle the neck like a delicate and radiant second skin. The necklace features a constellation of oval diamonds, including a central 2.21-carat diamond enhanced by a carefully mounted double surround. Inspired by the symbol of the night, the Moon, this creation evokes the disco parties where people danced until dawn. The four-row necklace can be transformed into two majestic two-row necklaces, offering versatility and elegance.

"With Midnight Sun, Messika shows the fascinating history of these unparalleled celebrations. The nightclubs of the time were the high point of all the antagonisms and extravagances. Spaces far from conventionality, whose hypnotic spirit remains a source of inspiration and desire. Who better than the magnetic Carla Bruni to embody the electric and daring theme?".

Valérie Messika - Founder and Creative Director of Maison Messika


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