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The ideal lipstick


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The ideal lipstick

Learn how to choose the most important detail of the bride’s makeup preparation, the one that will give the final glow.

Every detail of the makeup needs to match your personality in order to highlight your unique beauty. So one of the most important details is the bride’s lipstick, as it will be the one that will give the final glow to the whole look.

But are there specific colors to wear on your big day?

The simple truth is: no. There are no specific colors to wear. When it comes to choosing lipstick, it is best that the bride choose to wear a shade that suits her and her personality.

An important factor to take into account when choosing the ideal lipstick is where the ceremony will take place. For example, if you are getting married in a church, it is crucial that you make sure that you are allowed to wear more eye-catching lipsticks, as not everyone accepts bold lipsticks.

However, it is also crucial to wear a lipstick that goes with the wedding dress.

Lipsticks differ for every wedding style

When choosing the ideal lipstick it is necessary to take into account when the ceremony will take place, i.e. whether it will take place during the day or at night, on the beach, in the countryside. That way, it will be easier to establish the perfect color to match correctly with the bride’s expectations.

If the ceremony takes place at night, a faded pink coupled with a gloss would be one of the prettiest combinations. Still, if the ceremony takes place on the beach, under sunlight, you can opt for a more eye-catching color, such as a pastel orange.

Whereas for weddings that are held in the countryside during the day, you can opt for a matte pink in order to finish off your makeup.

Pastel pink tones are often used by brides, as it is a color that suits everyone regardless of their skin tone. And nowadays, many brides want to wear eye-catching shades such as red.

However, nude shades are also a great combination as they are beautiful, neutral and a perfect alternative if you want to highlight the eye part. This type of shade is perfect looks discreet as it will enhance your beauty.

Match the lipstick with the bouquet

Choose a lipstick that is in harmony with the bouquet you have chosen. So, if you choose a colorful bouquet, choose simpler, more delicate shades.

Use a balanced make-up

If you want to darken your eyes more, use a light lipstick. If you opt for an intense red lipstick, why not make a light smoky look with mascara in order to highlight your eyes? They are a great combination.


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