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Step up your guest game

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Step up your guest game

This year, there is a notable trend among style-conscious gentlemen who wish to channel the timeless elegance of classics.

As the summer wedding season unfolds, men are increasingly seeking to make a lasting impression with their attire. Drawing inspiration from a bygone era when impeccable suits and accessories were the norm, these individuals aim to embrace sophistication and stand out from the crowd. Enter the Clásico Collection by Félix Ramiro — a line of versatile and comfortable suits that effortlessly fuse classic designs with a modern twist.

A Nod to the Past

The Business Collection by Félix Ramiro pays homage to the fashion sensibilities of the 20s to the 50s. This period was marked by the dapper style of men who took pride in their appearance and exuded confidence through their sartorial choices. The collection is a testament to the enduring appeal of these iconic eras, featuring tailored silhouettes and attention to detail that guarantee an impressive and refined look.

Impeccable Patterns and Colors

One of the standout elements of this collection is the inclusion of colorful and out-of-the-box patterned ties. These ties serve as eye-catching accessories, providing a playful contrast to the classic suits. Whether it’s a bold floral motif, a striking geometric design, or a whimsical polka dot pattern, these ties add a touch of individuality and personality to the ensemble.

Furthermore, the Business Collection offers a range of suits in checkerboard patterns. These visually intriguing designs infuse a sense of intrigue and modernity into the traditional suit. Whether you opt for a subtle checkered texture or a more daring contrast, these suits are sure to turn heads and make a memorable statement.

The Colors of Time

Embracing the richness of the era, suits in colors like mustard and burgundy are prominently featured. These hues exude warmth and sophistication, making them perfect choices for summer weddings. The mustard tones bring a sense of vibrancy, while the burgundy hues lend an air of refinement and class.

For those seeking a more traditional yet striking option, the black-striped suits in the collection offer a timeless choice. With their subtle yet confident patterns, these suits are a testament to the enduring appeal of classic tailoring. The juxtaposition of the black stripes against a solid base creates a visually striking effect, elevating the overall aesthetic and leaving a lasting impression.

Step up your guest game
Step up your guest game
Step up your guest game
Step up your guest game

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