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The New Bridal Voice | EP.4 – Sylvia Bonet


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the new bridal voice

Sylvia Bonet, creative director and stylist, sits down for a conversation with Cristina Escudero.

The new episode of The New Bridal Voice featured Sylvia Bonet, creative director and stylist who is behind major fashion campaigns and editorials for bridal magazines in Spain. During the interview, we learned about the creative process behind each of the designer’s works.

Sylvia Bonet is passionate about flamenco, hats and shoes, and seeks inspiration in the art made with her hands. As a child, her aunt would take her to fashion shows on the Paseo de Gracia and later she obtained a Master’s degree in Fashion Creative Direction. Currently, she is part of the fashion, photography and styling agency Karina F team.

Throughout this episode, the theme they will discuss will be brand identity and creative processes for fashion campaigns. Sylvia Bonet will give us her testimony during her career.

Video credits to Hector Bueno


All news from NP Magazine in your email.



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