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Protocolo urban style

For grooms who want to infuse a contemporary and urban vibe into their wedding day look, there are plenty of stylish options to explore.

From sleek tailoring to fashion-forward accessories, incorporating an urban touch can add a sense of modernity and individuality to the groom’s ensemble.

Opt for a slim-fit suit in a dark shade, such as charcoal gray or deep navy, to achieve a sleek and sophisticated look. Consider modern suit styles with narrow lapels and a tailored silhouette that exudes urban charm. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unconventional suit colors, like deep burgundy or midnight blue.

To enhance the urban appeal of your outfit, incorporate unique textures and details. Choose a suit with subtle patterns like a micro-check or pinstripes for added depth and visual interest. Additionally, consider adding a touch of velvet or tweed to your attire, either in the form of a vest, bow tie, or pocket square, to bring a sense of tactile elegance and urban sophistication.

Accessories play a crucial role in completing the groom’s urban-inspired look: bow ties and a big watch are our favorites. Consider incorporating leather accents, such as a sleek belt or cuff links, to infuse a rugged yet refined edge to your ensemble.


Protocolo, a renowned brand in the world of men’s formal wear, introduced recently their latest collection, PROTOCOLO CITY. This party collection is designed for grooms who want to make a fashionable statement on their big day. With a range of fun fantasy blazers, coordinated slim fit pants, slim shirts, and patent leather sneakers, Protocolo offers an array of stylish options to suit the urban groom.

So, grooms-to-be, get ready to rock your wedding day with Protocolo’s stylish and fashionable PROTOCOLO CITY collection.

Protocolo urban style
Protocolo urban style

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