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The New Bridal Voice | EP. 3 – Sophie et Voilà


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Whoswhite: Sophie et Voilà

Sofia and Saioa, founders of the Sophie et Voilà brand, are the guests in this new episode and today, they come to talk a bit more about their latest works of art.

The brand from the Basque Country talks about its collection 2024, called (G)euria, inspired by water and rain. This came to toast to brides-to-be with models that pay tribute to the “euria”, which represent these two elements of the earth.


Thus, the dresses by Sophie et Voilà, come to represent the elegant, urban and independent woman who does not lose sight of her femininity. Looking to highlight more and more how beautiful they are and so that they feel special on their big day.

Find out more about Sophie et Voilà’s work in episode #3 of #TheNewBridalVoice.


Sparked your interest? Listen to the episode in its entirety on WHOSWHITE’s Spotify or on Wedding Media International’s YouTube. For more information, click here.

Video credits to Hector Bueno
Special thanks to BBFW


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