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BBFW Day 4: Modeca, Pedro Palmas, Lucas Balboa

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Modeca, Ogadenia Couture, Pedro Palmas and Lucas Balboa presented their new collection at the last day of Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. 


Modeca presented three collections for lovers of quality embellishments and high-end details that showcase the elegance and sophistication of Dutch design.  

Blisfull Collection by le Papillon, is the stunning “Dare to Wear” line, meticulously created and selected for unique and confident brides. It offers a variety of versatile and eye-catching styles and designs, crafted with exquisite, high quality fabrics, sparkling beading and embellishments, and featuring a variety of sophisticated transparencies.  

Adoriousis pure Italian romance. Aimed at classic and elegant brides who clearly opt for timeless, yet modern and contemporary fashion, the creation stands out for its cosmopolitan and sophisticated elegance.  

Ogadenia Couture 

The collection presented by Ogadenia’s is based on classic cut designs inspired by the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s cinema and American and Parisian fashion. This creation has updated the patterns that made history. The collection stands out for its versatility, so that 80% of its pieces can be mixed and matched to create personalised styles. The colour palette ranges from optical white, powder white, nude and pink. 

Pedro Palmas 

Pedro Palmas´ collection is inspired by snow and the fascination of the colour white, a symbol of purity and an omen of goodness and prosperity. It marks the absolute silence of the moment. The designer expands his vision of the bride by personalising his dresses with silk and polyester satins, mikados and crepes 

Lucas Balboa 

The oracle of “Dephos” (Delphi) is the inspiration for this collection that transports us to Greek culture in a sensory journey. Magic and occultism come together in an explosion of colour, art, and tradition. Essences of an enduring gentleman with ennobled fabrics, luxury saddlery, first class tailoring and pattern making, industrial and handcrafted finishes define Lucas Balboa garments as high fashion itemsfor men. 

Photography: Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week


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