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BBFW Day 4: Mireia Balaguer, Studio Sevaralle, Lorena Panea, Madam Burcu e Madeline 


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Dia 4 BBFW

The day couldn’t have started in the best way yesterday, brands that highlighted the inner and outer beauty of women overflowing with seduction.

Mireia Balanguer, Studio Serravalle, Lorena Panea

Mireia Balaguer is a brand of high-costume with a great handwork and with sophisticated canvas elections, tulle and transparencys, are the basis dthe dresses that enhance with an exclusive touch the particular beauty of each woman. Mimicking the details in the search for a fresher, romantic woman with personality.

His new collection was inspired by the post-romantic and neoclassical Victorian-era painter Lawrence Alma-Tadema. His works hark back to ancient Greece and Rome in a luminous, pure, balanced and romantic depiction of life.

In prol for an equal world, libre of gender, body and sexuality stereotypes, the Studio Serravalle focuses on creating an intimate space for dreamers committed to a sustainable future. “Aurora Borealis,” is the name of the 2024 collection presented on the runway at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. The natural light show in the sky was the inspiration for this collection immersed in dynamic patterns of bright curtain-like lights, rays and spirals. Illuminated with champagne hues, nude and glitter effects that evoke comets or atmospheric streaks.


Lorena, inspired by antiquity, uses ancient techniques to offer her Barcelona atelier timeless and personalized bridal or guest dresses. Lorena Panea has launched the 2024 collection, entitled “Genesis”, a collection inspired by the giving of female life. His essence transports us to the origins of existence.

Mireia Balaguer

Madam Burcu Couture

Madam Burcu Fashion House is the seaca of fashionnuptial specializing in making elegant and unique wedding dresses, always up to date with the latest trends.


This is how, the brand launches its latest collection, “D’oro” contains stunning dresses crafted by the finest materials and with attention to every detail that overflows sophistication, glamour and class. In order for each bride to tell her unique story, inspired by the beauty and wonders of the universe, crafted with love and dedication to create an unforgettable experience.

Madam Burcu


A plethora of textures, rich fabrics, careful details and strategically placed custom accessories embody the art of fashionMadeline. Their collection Madeline Couture, has been crafted from the awareness that the authenticity of beauty arises from within the being. Resorting with modern and elevated focus of bridal fashion, a wide range of shape and silhouettes to suit the soft fabrics.

Photography: Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week


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