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BBFW Day 2: Ines di Santo, Agnieszka Swiatly, Formoso


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Yesterday morning, the new collections of Ines di Santo, Agnieszka Swiatly, Woná Concept, Eva Lendel and Formoso surprised everyone at  Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week.

Ines di Santo

The canadian designer, Ines di Santo opened the second day of Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. The designer showed, with classical techniques of haute couture how to create bridal and evening gowns wrapped in uncomplicated romanticism, beauty and love fantasizing in search of the “perfect” wedding dress. 

This new collection, “Symphony nº 54 in full bloom”, is a meticulous and delicate composition of hand-painted floral details, dimensional beading and fabric manipulation techniques. Orchestrating her signature design elements and her famously dramatic proportions, Ines di Santo aims to create a collection that steps into springtime with a vibrant display of colour and texture. 

Agnieszka Światły 

Agnieszka Światły is a Polish-born designer, whose brand is characterised by its focus on the female silhouette. Its wedding and ceremony dresses exude an avant-garde air combined with a touch of luxury, creating a particular and modern style that is appreciated by its customers all over the world. 

In this 2024 edition, the brand unveiled extraordinary designs that make up a daring collection, with a noticeable trend towards increasingly handcrafted dresses, 3D florals and an extremely sexy and feminine touch. 


Over the past three years, Formoso has positioned itself as one of the bridal brands of reference in Spain and abroad, dressing the dreams of women who seek to break away from the established with jewelled dresses that break the traditional patterns. 

The new collection, “Opulence”, arrived to Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week to revolutionise the concept of the bride by resorting to artisanal techniques.  

Woná Concept & Eva Lendel

Woná Concept and Eva Lendel, emerging Ukrainian bridal brands, presented their new collections together on the catwalk.  

“Miami Bliss” by Woná Concept came to life for the modern, confident, beautiful and unique bride looking for the perfect gown to suit any situation, from casual beach weddings to glamorous ballroom weddings.  

“Less is More” by Eva Lendel is elegance, pure beauty and minimalism reinvented, a collection featuring familiar classics enriched with daring sparkles, large and voluminous handmade fantasy flowers and detachable elements such as overskirts, tails or bows. 

Nicole Milano

Nicole Milano, the family-owned bridal dresses company presented their new collection “Infinite Beauty”, to the public. 

Nicole Milano draws inspiration from the earth and its textures with a collection of dresses that showcase the perfection of nature and cultural heritage that, combined with luxury and refinement, create the perfect union to convey the brand’s Italian elegance. 

Photography: Sergi Sala


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