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BBFW Day 1: Jesus Peiro, Sophie et Voilà, Joli Poli


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Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week’s first morning was marked by elegant catwalks shows with big brands on the bridal world: Jesus Peiro, Sophie et Voilà and, for the first time, Joli Poli.

Jesus Peiro


Jesus Peiro, the same as in the previous edition, had the honor of inaugurating the show. Being the first brand to step on the catwalk, it exhibited its new collection: “35”, name of the show, the brand’s accomplished years and the number of dresses presented.

Inspired by the French capital’s fashion exhibitions, Jesus Peiro brand designer Merche Segarra unfolds the brand’s new collection for this season: the emblematic “35”.

Created in 1988, Jesus Peiro already has 35 years of designing and making wedding dresses admired all over the world. Thus, the Spanish brand bet on her age for the name of the 2024 season collection.

This tribute to the great designers, such as Alber Elbaz, Alaïa and, of course, Christian Dior, enchanted the lovers of the fashion world who were present at the opening show of the most recent edition of the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week.

The dresses that were paraded had a common touch: volume. Both by the globe-shaped skirts and oversized woven capes, which swooped down through embroidery and glittering prints. Feathers and lace were not to be missed, also recovering the beloved bows used in the previous collection.

Sophie et Voilà


Another Spanish brand walked on the passarele this morning: Sophie et Voilà. The Basque brand revealed its 2024 collection called (G)euria, inspired by water and rain.

The Basque brand makes a great entrance with its new collection for the 2024 season. Paying tribute to “euria”, meaning water and rain, Sophie et Voilá, brings a minimalist and inspired selection of dresses.

“(G)EURIA is the return to the origin of Sophie et Voilà, having drunk from the water of the experience of these years. It is our collection, and it is like the rain: clean, natural, inevitable, and full of life”, reveals Saioa Goitia, CEO & partner of the brand.

On the catwalk, we saw looks with pieces that ranged from miniskirts to voluminous dresses, with also fluid silhouettes.

Sophie et Voilà has positioned itself as one of the most acclaimed wedding dress brands international.

Joli Poli


The Vietnamese bridal brand had its first appearance on Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week this morning. The collection is named “Blossom ‘24” and invited everyone to be teleported to an ethereal imaginary world.

Joli Poli Couture, founded by Anh Thu Pham Dang, is a luxurious wedding and evening dresses that stepped on BBFW stage for the first time. It truly made everyone turn their heads, with its masterful 3D floral structures and the graceful curves created by the light combination of silk and tule.

A play of opposites intertwines with impeccable harmony: translucent and murky, solid and soft, classic and modern, minimalist and maximalist.

Just like the name of the collection implies, we saw everything nature-related: the flowing fabrics resembled cascades and the sparkling stones mesmerized those who thought of sun reflects on water. Flowers were a must, present on every dress, it being classic or modern styled.

Truly, every piece seen was a fascinating work of art, combining contemporary fashion with a romantic and vintage sensibility.

Photography: Sergi Sala


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