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Garden of Love


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garden of love

The Justin Alexander Signature Fall/Winter 2023 collection, Garden of Love, draws inspiration from Italian Renaissance gardens. Known for their beauty, these gardens exude romance, sophistication, and attention to detail, in the same way the new collection was crafted.

Justin Alexander Signature redefines luxury. Much like the Italian Renaissance redefined The Garden. The Italian Renaissance Garden was a new style of garden which emerged in the late 15th century at villas in Rome and Florence. It was inspired by classical ideals of order and beauty, and intended for the pleasure of the view of the garden and the landscape beyond. For contemplation, and for the enjoyment of the sights, sounds and smells of the garden itself.

With its respective focus on opulence and drama, Justin Alexander Signature is designed for the modern bride. The bride who is seeking  for a wedding dress that expresses her lavish and on-trend sense of style. From ornate beadwork and rich fabrics to innovative designs and impeccable craftsmanship, the Signature collection is in a class of its own. The Signature bride is a confident, self-assured and elegant woman who is independent and a trend-setter in her peer group. 

This collection brings unexpected elements such as sheer backs and sides, sculpted exposed corsetry, thigh high slits and sultry low backs. It then builds into romantic couture craftsmanship with fashion-forward floral appliqués, bold textures, and opulent hand-beading that emits a subtle sparkle. Garden of Love marries romance and modern sophistication in a style that embraces the elegance of these Tuscan gardens.

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