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WHOSWHITE: Hervé Moreau


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WHOSWHITE with Hervé Moreau

Hervé Moreau, designer of wedding dresses, sits down for a conversation with Cristina Escudero.

In the first episode of WHOSWHITE, Cristina Escudero interviews couture fashion designer Hervé Moreau. In the course of the interview, we learn about everything from his early days in the fashion world to the big stages of international fashion shows.

With dreams of becoming a stylist and ambitions of becoming an artistic director, he speaks of his work with passion and recalls his first dresses with nostalgia.


Find out more about Hervé Moreau’s vision in episode #1 of WHOSWHITE.

Sparked your interest? Listen to the episode in its entirety on WHOSWHITE’s Spotify or on Wedding Media International’s YouTube. For more information, click here.

Video credits to Hector Bueno
Special thanks to Hotel España


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