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BBFW is around the corner


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BBFW is around the corner

With the Intuit of rewarding excellence in bridal fashion, the event will star the Barcelona Bridal & Fashion Awards. Therefore, get excited because BBFW is around the corner!

Likewise, Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week (BBFW) launches the first edition of the Barcelona Bridal & Fashion Awards. It aims of recognizing talent and creativity in the various areas of the bridal and ceremony fashion industry.

A panel of leading national and international experts and professionals will select the winners. The awards will be presented at a gala that will be attended by representatives of the sector.

Furthermore, BBFW premieres its own competition to distinguish the work of international bridal fashion designers. As a result, the event values creativity, originality, quality, inspiration, art, innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity. As a result, 12 representatives from the world of art, culture, and fashion will be in charge of selecting the candidates and choosing the winners of the Barcelona Bridal & Fashion Awards.

Henceforth, The awards, which will be presented at a ceremony hosted by model Judith Mascó on the night of April 22 at the Montjuïc exhibition center of Fira de Barcelona, will consist of 7 categories:

  • Best Bridal Gown;
  • Best Bridal Collection;
  • Best Bridal Collection for the Groom;
  • Best Evening and Ceremony Collection;
  • Best Promotional Campaign;
  • Honorary award for Best Emerging Talent
  • Honorary award for Best Career Achievement.

Notably, in line with the show’s mission to promote art and local creations, the awards that the winners will receive will be handmade by Cual Estudio (Valencia).

To reward creativity, art, and innovation

Also, the director of BBFW, Albasarí Caro, emphasizes that “we want to reward creativity, art, and innovation”. Additionally, BBFW wants to contribute to give visibility to work done by both established designers and young promises.

33 designers will parade between 19 and 22 April. Moreover, besides the catwalk, the event will also feature an exhibition area with 300 companies. Exhibitors and buyers will connect from 21 to 23 April, facilitating business and networking.

BBFW is around the corner!


All news from NP Magazine in your email.



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