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Preparing for a Honeymoon


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Cover Honeymooners

Preparing for a Honeymoon involves many steps and processes to achieve the fairy tale wedding travel.

Involving your partner in the wedding process will be an unforgettable moment for both of you. As well as it will reduce stress, however, there is a point that couples often leave until the last minute, and that is the honeymoon.

Therefore, we give you 6 tips to organize an extraordinary honeymoon, where you can celebrate this new stage of your life.


It is important that you define a budget for the trip you will take, in order to focus on destinations that fit within your budget, as you should prioritize the expenses you will incur during and after your wedding.

National or International

It will depend on your budget and also on the time with which you make the reservations. Talk about your desires or a memorable place you want to visit as newlyweds.

In case of an international trip, research currency exchange and the documentation you will need to bring with you.


Set a date when you both have the opportunity to enjoy and avoid working during your honeymoon. In case you can’t manage to accommodate the times, you can have two honeymoons, the first one in a nearby place like a magical town where you can relax; and the second one, the trip you deserve as a couple to the place you always dreamed of.


It is extremely important that you make reservations for the trip and the place where you will be staying to avoid mishaps that may prevent you from enjoying the trip at the right time.


Organize your luggage a week before your trip to avoid forgetting significant papers such as passports or visas.


It is indispensable to research the weather forecast for your destination. To avoid problems, add one set of clothing for cold and one set for warmth if the weather changes suddenly.

It is a trip that will never be repeated, even if you return to the same destination. Relax and enjoy the benefits and special deals that hotels offer to newlywed couples.


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