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4 tips for your bridal makeup


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Photo: Sebastià Vivó

While preparing a wedding, there are a lot of things to consider. One of them is makeup. Every bride should look fantastic on her wedding day. Here are our 4 not to miss tips for makeup on your big day.

Create a mood board

First things first: search for inspiration online. There are so many different styles and looks. Will you go for golden bronze shades or a more natural, sun-kissed look? Organize your ideas in a mood board, so you can understand what your favourite colours and styles are. If you don’t know Pinterest yet, it´s time to explore that inspirational platform.

Photo: Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2022

Pamper your skin

The key for a perfect makeup is taking good care of your skin, so that, on the wedding day, it is hydrated and glowing even before applying any makeup. This process starts months before the wedding with a daily skin-care routine.  Regular facial masks also help, but avoid having any invasive type too close to the big day, it can go wrong.

Try it before the big day

On your wedding day all  you want  is that everything turns out amazing. When it comes to makeup, make sure you try it before the big day, so you are happy with the result. Trying it can help you find what are the colours that suit you the best. Don´t forget to try it at least one time with the dress and accessories.

Pack a touch-up kit

Dancing, singing, crying, laughing, eating, talking are just some of the things that you´ll do during your wedding day. And your makeup needs to survive all these things. Be smart, prepare a touch-up kit so you can touch  your make up during the day.  Pro tip: invest in waterproof eye makeup, it will be worth it.


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