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“Renaissance” style is reborn


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Renaissance style is reborn. Bring on the romantic lace and satin fabrics. The details that defined 16th century women’s fashion have a returned thanks to Pronovias.

Let yourself fall in love with Pronovia’s notorious lace appliqués and stunning silhouettes. After all, 2023 new wedding dress trends searched for inspirations in the royalty years.

As a matter of fact, this new collection offers divine necklines with a touch of old embroidery.

The new collection has the name “2023 Renaissance Collection” and everyone is paying close attention to it.

The pieces in the collection dance in the limbo of the sensual and the elegant, creating the perfect combination of the two worlds.

At this point, we don’t know if we talk about the luxurious back work of the dresses or look at the notorious dress trains. Essentially, Pronovias exceeded expectations.

The necklines are sweetheart, V-neck, and sleeveless, the three most memorable styles of the Renaissance era. The fabrics are meticulously detailed, with sophisticated details and accessories.

And we can’t stop talking about the sleeves! Equally important for the look, they are voluminous and beautiful. They are puffed and with transparent and lace parts. Given the fact that the collection has roots in princesses, the dresses will definitely make you feel like one.

Pronovias: “Renaissance” style is reborn with new 2023 collection.


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