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Bertha Cava

Wines of the Moment: Cavas Bertha. Producing quality wine since 1989, the Catalan brand has been gaining more and more recognition internationally.

Last February 9, the New York Times wine critic Eric Asimov released a list created by him with 20 recommendations of wines under $20. In the same publication, the expert said “Wine under $20, finding bargains despite inflation”. He added that sometimes “it takes a more adventurous spirit to taste blends of more unfamiliar varieties and regions.”

Eric Asimov’s recommended product was the “Bertha Cava brut Nature Reserve 2020, 11.5 percent.” The product costs $15.99, and is considered “one of the best values you can find in sparkling wine.”


In addition, Cava Bertha already has a lot of projects planned for the first quarter of 2023, mainly on the tourist level. Taking a risk on the dynamism that virtual reality proposes, they are launching an immersive experience. This allows visitors to learn about all the wine making processes and visit the vineyards in their different life cycles.

Bertha Cava
Bertha Cava

Cava Bertha is an enological project born in the late 1980s in Catalonia. The territory in which the production is located is described as fertile, of diverse and complex singularities.

“You can’t find anywhere a sparkling wine with such a striking personality,” the brand reveals. “Because of the landscape, the land, the climate and, above all, the indigenous varieties.”

In total, the winery produces about 180,000 bottles a year. Although the major consumers are Catalan, they export to Europe, the United States and Asia.

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