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Tips for the perfect hairstyle


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Will you get married soon? This article is for you! If you´ve started planning your wedding, you´re probably confused with the amount of topics and decisions that have to be made. Choosing the perfect hairstyle is one of them. It can be a huge challenge for brides. There are so many options available like waves, sleek bun, braids, that the decision-making process can be overwhelming. Here we´ll give you some tips that can help you.

Coordinate with your personality and dress

First, don´t forget that the hairstyle should match your personality. Search for inspiration, follow your instinct and chose something you feel comfortable with. The priority is your well-being. Remember that your hairstyle should complement your dress, and not compete with it. If you´ll wear a super special dress, full of glitter and sparkle, probably you should opt for a more descript hairstyle.

Your hairstyle should match the style of your dress. Brides that choose rustic or boho looks may consider wearing a relaxed hairstyle like natural curls.

Choose the perfect hair accessories

Hair accessories make a lot of difference on the final look.  On Eglantine you will find a lot of different options, such as veils, tiaras, headpieces… If you are fan of flowers, pearls, glitter, have a look on the options available on the website. Accessories give your look that special final touch. 


Try it before the big day

When it comes to such an important day, don´t forget to try the hairstyle before. At your wedding day, you´ll want to be perfect, so it´s crucial to make sure you feel comfortable. Try some different hairstyles so you can choose the perfect one that suits you. Go to a wedding hair trial and ask for the help of a professional.




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