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Madeline Gardner explains Body Measurements

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Madeline Gardner talks about body measurements

Madeline Gardner explains and advises on Body Measurements. The designer thinks every dress should perfectly fit the bride, and she’s totally right!

Having your body measurements taken several times is the best way to figure out the actual size of your wedding dress. Madeline Gardner, designer and creative director of the Morilee brand, tells ‘Brides’ that “Being correctly measured makes all the difference in ensuring the best fit!”, and we totally agree.

Although most wedding dress stores have standard sizes, it is always preferable to have it made or fitted to the bride’s right measurements. Also, the standard sizes in this range of dresses are usually larger than general clothing sizes. It is a thorough process that will result in a great, delicate effect on the big day.

“No matter how close the fit, you should always expect some minor alterations to give you the perfect shape, tailored specifically to your body,” Gardner advises.

Remember, size is just a number and the dress should fit you, not the other way around!

But pay attention! Remember that comfort is more important than a number on a label! The bride should feel extremely comfortable throughout the day and needs to have the dress fitted to her own silhouette.

“My advice: don’t get caught up in the sizing aspect of your dress shopping,” Gardner says. “Find a gown you love and, most importantly, a gown you feel your best in.”

Another significant topic to keep in mind is that different ones use different metrics. The result? Different dress sizes at different brands!

Changing the size of your dress is a process that can take days and days, but it is certain that the designers are working hard to make everything perfect on your wedding day. You should also make the first adjustment 3 or 4 months before the ceremony to create a bar for future alterations.

Fantasia Wedding Dress by Madeline Gardner
Fantasia Wedding Dress by Madeline Gardner


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