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Taússy Daniel “blooms” in NYFW


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Taussy Daniel in NYFW
Taussy Daniel in NYFW

Taússy Daniel “blooms” in NYFW. The mozambican designer presented these mostly handmade pieces last sunday.

Photographs: Global Fashion Collective

The designer’s collection stood out on stage with its colors and African-inspired prints. The dresses caused sustained applause and stunned the audience.

Taússy Daniel, when asked about the collection, revealed: “the looks to be presented will be worked in different fabrics, inspired by the African continent”.

Inspired by the yellow flowers of the city of Maputo, the birthplace of the artist, the collection was born. Also known as the “City of Acacias”, the dresses poetically pay homage to African women.

12 dresses by the Mozambican woman passed by the stage, the last one being the “Black Orchid”, already considered the “highlight” of the show. The artist takes to the catwalk to thank and reveal her brilliant smile. Everyone was amazed by Taússy Daniel “blooming” in NYFW.

The artist was always keeping her social networks updated, sharing her joy with her proud followers.

“Really a presentation that will be present in the memory of those who were present in the fashion showroom,” reported the stylist. “I can say to the world that Africa does exist. And we also make fashion with quality”.


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