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Filter effect, unreal make-up

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Photography apps and social media have revived the craze for filters.

Anyone who tries it can instantly improve their appearance by eliminating wrinkles, intensifying the colour of lips, smoothing and improving the look of the skin, as well as the outline the face… a total dream!

You can also bring this effect to life on your wedding day. Intensify your eyes with a mascara that specialises in volume, as well as adding shimmering shadows to give your eyes that extra edge, but don’t forget your eyebrows! They are the contour of your face and the main attraction. On the other hand, if you prefer to highlight your lips, do it with lipsticks in vibrant colours and preferably in matt shades to maintain a natural effect. Meanwhile, give the rest of your face the pampering it needs, contouring it and giving it more luminosity.

 Giorgio Armani, Carolina Herrera, Dior, Clarins, Estée Lauder, Tom Ford.


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